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15 Surprising Hollyhocks Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health


Hollyhocks Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health

Hollyhock is a plant with beautiful flowers generally used for ornamental purpose in gardens. However, did you know that this lovely plant possess medicinal value and it is used to treat a wide range of common ailments? Isn’t it amazing to know that a common garden plant can cure cold, cough, fever, stomach problems and serve to be a wonderful cosmetic. Interested to know more about the medicinal uses of the plant, continue reading.

Here Are The Benefits Of Hollyhocks:

Treats Sore Throat

Hollyhock tea is a wonderful beverage for soothing sore throat and cough. The seeds, flowers and roots of the plant are used to prepare the tea. Boil the contents by adding water and strain it once the preferred flavor is reached. Addition of honey will improve the taste. Sipping this herbal tea will reduce throat irritation and inflammation and cure dry cough.

Soothes Sore Throat

Prevents Cold

Hollyhocks tea is an age old remedy for treating cold and other respiratory illnesses. It helps clear congestion and treats the symptoms of cold. A cup of warm tea will be very much comforting and relaxing. It will soothe the mucous membranes and reduce irritation.

Colds And Flu


The antipyretic properties of hollyhocks have been used since centuries for treating fever. The tea increases blood circulation and warms up the body. It promotes sweating, aids in detoxification and also keeps the body well hydrated. Thus, they help reduce fever quickly.


Reduces Inflammation And Pain

Hollyhock is effective in reducing swelling and pain. The leaves of the plant are generally used as a poultice on the affected region. The leaves are steamed for a few minutes to make them soft and more flexible and then applied on the affected part of the body and secured using a piece of clean cloth to hold them in place.

Reduces Inflammation And Pain

Cures Gastro Intestinal Problems

The soothing and anti-inflammatory effects of the plant are highly beneficial for treating various GI related problems. It is a good cure for ulcers, abdominal cramps, gastritis, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

Cures Bowel And Gastric Disorders

Natural Hair Conditioner

Hollyhock is a natural conditioner. It is a good tonic for dry fragile hair. The herbal rinse will lock the moisture in the strands and make them smooth, more elastic and radiant in no time.


Great Skin Moisturizer

Hollyhock is a good skin moisturizer. It hydrates the skin and makes it soft and flexible. This property of the plant makes it the dry skin’s best friend.


Natural Detangling Solution

The problem with curly tresses is that it gets easily tangled. Detangling it is quite tough, but you need not worry, as you could use hollyhock infusion to hydrate and soothe the tangles.

Natural Detangling Solution

Simple Way To Dye Your Hair

You can color your tresses naturally by rinsing water infused with the hollyhock flowers. Add some bluish purple flowers to the hot water. Simmer for 10 minutes and strain it. Once the liquid is cool, spray it on the hair. Leave for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

Simple Way To Dye Your Hair

Gives Relief From Inflammatory Conditions

External application of hollyhock as poultice will give quick relief from various painful inflammatory conditions. The thick leaves are steamed and dabbed on the affected region while it is still warm. Wrap with a clean cloth to make sure that the pain and swelling subsides.

Prevents Inflammation

Stimulates Appetite

The roots of this herbal plant are an excellent appetite stimulant. Research shows that the starchy property of the roots helps in improving the appetite levels.

Improves Appetite

Good For Women’s Health

Ancient medicine used hollyhocks roots and flowers to ease inflammation associated with the kidneys and womb. It is also a great remedy to treat vaginal discharge.

Good For Women

Soothes Ulcers And Burns

The paste of hollyhocks roots or stems can be applied on the burns, which will soothe pain and heals blisters. The roots have hydrating properties and hence retain moisture. This ensures quick healing thereby preventing the drying out of the affected area.

Treats Skin Burn

Eases Teething Problems In Infants

The roots of the plant are generally safe for infants. A mouthwash prepared from the roots can be used to ease the irritation that the kids usually experience while teething. Besides soothing the irritation, it also helps in reducing pain due to its analgesic properties.

Strengthens Teeth

Improves Blood Circulation

The decoction prepared by using hollyhock flowers has a positive effect on the blood circulation. Just drink 5 ml of this decoction daily and you will soon notice the difference.

Boost Blood Circulation


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