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How To Cope With Anxiety Without Medication

Anxiety is a feeling of worrying unnecessarily endlessly without any solution. The stress in our life causes a disturbance not only in the mind but it affects our body too. The problems in your life related to health, career and family issues may make you feel upset and this increases the anxiety. Anxiety is a mental disorder that can affect your health and well-being. Seeking the medical help of a psychiatrist may prove to be helpful in fighting this problem. Some people take medicines for the treatment of anxiety. However, it is not necessary to take medicines. You can easily combat feelings of anxiety without taking medicines. Making some lifestyle changes and modifying the attitude can help in dealing with this situation. We will explain how you can fight this problem without taking medicines.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Cope With Anxiety Without Medication

1. Drink Green Tea

Studies have shown that green tea helps in calming the mind and reducing feelings of anxiety. The tea contains an ingredient called L-theanine, which helps in relaxing and feeling good. Thus, you should drink green tea daily. It will also help in focusing and increasing alertness.

Green tea

2. Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a herb that can decrease anxiety by helping in feeling calm. For this, you can take chamomile tea made by steeping the chamomile herb in boiling water, strain and drink the tea. Take the chamomile tea if you have anxiety [2].

Chamomile Tea

3. Drink Hops Tea

Hops can help in relaxing the mind and reducing anxiety. For this, you need to drink herbal tea made with hops. The hop herb also helps in inducing sleep, which gives peace of mind. You can also make hops tea along with some other herbs [3].

Drink Hops Tea

4. Drink Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm is another herb that can be used for anxiety and irritation. The herb helps in inducing sleep and reducing mental tension. Drink lemon balm tea. The tea is available in the market in the form of tea bags. You can also brew the dry or fresh lemon balm in boiling water for 5 minutes. Strain, add honey and drink the tea [4].

Drink Lemon Balm Tea

5. Use Valerian Herb

You can use the valerian herb for reducing feelings of anxiety. It decreases nervous restlessness while helping in inducing a peaceful sleep. For anxiety, you can take valerian in the form of herbal supplement [5].

Use Valerian Herb

6. Massage Therapy

Massage helps in reducing anxiety. It increases hormones in our body that help in improving the mood. Massage is an important therapy for fighting mental problems. Get the massage done by a friend or partner. Taking professional massage treatments also helps a lot.

Massage Therapy

7. Do Deep Breathing

Breathing exercises help in giving relief in the problem of anxiety. It helps in calming the body. For this, you need to do deep breathing by inhaling through the nose, holding the breath and then exhaling through the lips. Take deep breaths when you are doing this.

Deep Breathing

8. Write A Diary

Maintaining a diary and jotting down one’s thoughts and feelings on paper helps in expressing and venting out our repressed emotions. This improves the mood. So write your thoughts daily in a diary and resolved your emotions to reduce anxiety.

Write A Diary

9. Music Therapy

Music therapy is known to decrease stress and anxiety. It can make you feel good while improving the mood. People who have anxiety due to a surgery, childbirth, cancer treatment or any other type of health problem can get relief from anxiety by listening to their favorite music. It improves the mental health of a person as music has a very good effect on the brain.

Music Therapy

10. Laughter Therapy

Laughter therapy is another very good remedy for anxiety. When you laugh, it increases the dopamine hormone in the body, which reduces anxiety. It also decreases stress hormones in the body. Even artificial laughter will help you a lot. Watch comedy programs and funny shows on the television or internet. Install a laughter app on your phone.

Laughter Therapy

11. Be Social

Staying isolated without talking to other people can repress your thoughts thus increasing the anxiety. Thus, talk to other people and share your concerns and worries with your friends, family members or even professionals. Being social can help in fighting anxiety and depression.

Be Social

12. Get Good Sleep

Inability to sleep well and sleeplessness are known to increase and worsen the problem of anxiety. Getting a good sleep is the solution for anxiety issues. Fix a sleeping schedule by sleeping at the same time daily. Don’t take caffeinated drinks near the bed time as it may interfere in the sleep.

Get Good Sleep

13. Do Regular Exercises

It is possible to reduce anxiety by doing exercises. People who lead a sedentary and inactive life are more likely to suffer from anxiety. Doing regular exercises helps in boosting the mood by increasing neurotransmitters in the body. Exercise helps in reducing stress hormones and making the muscles tired, which decreases anxiety.

Do Regular Exercises

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