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How To Deal With Chigger Bites

Chiggers are red colored mites commonly found in parks, rivers, forests, lakes and places with grass. It is a mite larva that lives in a humid place. It is very difficult to see the insect with eyes. Usually, people don’t see chiggers sitting on the skin. Its bite is very strong and there is a lot of itching due to it. The insect becomes inactive in cold temperature. It dies when there is freezing cold weather. There are several ways to fight problems caused by chigger bite. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The Tips On How To Deal With Chigger Bites:

1. Take Hot Bath

Bathing with hot water helps in getting rid of chiggers attached to the body. For this, you need to apply soap on the body, form a good amount of lather and take a bath with hot water. Repeat this several times in a day. The chigger mite will be killed with this.[1]

Take Hot Bath


2. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda helps in reducing itching and other problems caused by chigger bites. For this, clean the affected skin using soap and water. Do scrubbing on the skin with the help of a brush. Mix baking soda with very little amount of water. Apply the mixture on the skin.[2]

 use baking soda

3. Use Calamine Lotion

Sometimes, there is itching along with rashes and hives on the skin due to a chigger bite. For this problem, you can use calamine cream or lotion. Apply calamine on affected skin areas and rub gently. It will soothe the skin.[3]

use calamine lotion

4. Use Ice Pack

Ice can be used for reducing swelling caused by a chigger bite. Cover ice cubes with a piece of cloth. Apply the cold pack on the swollen area of the skin. After that, place the affected body part at a height to elevate it. This will give relief.[4]

 use ice packs

5. Use Vicks

Vicks can help in reducing itching. Mix it with table salt. Apply the mixture on affected skin areas. Apply some amount of loose salt on the skin. Reapply the mixture several times for best results.[5]

 use vicks

6. Use Medicines

Using topical and oral medicines helps in fighting problems caused by chigger bites. Take oral antihistamines after consulting a doctor. Using topical antibiotics and steroid creams helps in reducing infection in the skin. You can also take systemic steroids if there is a problem of pruritus.[6]

 use medicines

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