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How To Deal With Hamstring Injuries

The muscles located behind our thighs are known as hamstring muscles. The main function of these muscles is to help in walking by bending the legs at the knee. Strain or damage in this muscle can occur due to running or jumping activities. Due to this, there can be tearing in the muscle. Sudden movements of the legs can also cause hamstring damage. The hamstring can become injured by not doing warm up before starting a workout. Weakness in the glutes strains the hamstring. A hamstring injury may not cause much problem usually. However, if the condition becomes severe, there can be an inability to walk and stand. Thus, it is important to treat the damaged hamstring muscles in a timely manner. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The Some Tips On How To Deal With Hamstring Injuries.

1. Take Rest

Taking rest after being injured helps in healing the hamstring injury. If you continue doing activities, it will cause further strain in the muscles. Thus, stop all activities and take rest at home. Taking a break will give rest to the muscles and fasten the healing process [1].

take rest

2. Walk With Canes And Crutches

Many people find it difficult o walk normally after getting a hamstring injury. Use crutches while walking till the injury is healed and you are able to walk again. You should use crutches after consulting a doctor. You can also use a cane. It will help in preventing putting a load on the injured part [2].

Walk With Canes And Crutches

3. Apply Ice Pack

Cold treatment with an ice pack helps in decreasing pain in the injured leg. Wrap a cloth around ice cubes and apply on the affected area. Use ice twenty minutes or half an hour. Apply the ice pack again after three hours. Continue doing this till pain is less. Cold treatment also helps in reducing swelling [3].

Ice Pack

4. Compress The Leg

Compressing the injured part helps in giving relief in a hamstring injury. For this, you should tie a compression bandage on the affected leg on the thigh. Compression helps in putting pressure on the injured area and it reduces swelling [4].

Compress The Leg

5. Elevate The Leg

Elevating the leg is another useful technique that gives relief in a hamstring injury. Place three to four pillows kept one above the other. Keep this in front of you. Sleep on a bed and place the injured leg on the pillows to elevate the leg. It will help in reducing swelling.

Elevate The Leg

6. Take Painkiller Medicines 

You can get relief from pain caused by a hamstring injury by taking painkiller medicines. NSAID drugs are very useful for this. Take ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen or any other medicine as prescribed by your doctor.

Take Painkiller Medicines


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