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How To Do First Aid For Burns At Home


Burns At Home

Getting a burn on the skin and body is a serious problem that needs immediate help and treatment. You can get a burn while working at home with fire during cooking of food and touching a hot stove. Also, the use of electrical sources, equipments, and gadgets can cause a burn. Steam and hot liquids on the skin can lead to a burn. The problem can also occur due to the exposure of chemicals at home and industries. The first step in healing a burn is to give immediate first aid to the affected person. If you get a burn at home, use the first aid kit and some home remedies for relief. We will give some first aid tips for burns at home. Use our tips and suggestions to give yourself or a family member first aid as soon as there is a burn.

Following Are Some Useful Tips On How To Do First Aid For Burns At Home.

1. Cover The Burn

Covering the burn is the first step to take when you get a burn at home. If you get a thermal burn with fire, extinguish the flame. For this, you can wrap a blanket over the affected part immediately. If you don’t have anything near you, just fall on the floor and start rolling. This will stop the flame.

Cover The Burn

2. Pour Water On The Burn

If the skin is burned by liquid scalding, you should pour water on the affected burned area of your skin. Switch on the tap and keep the burned area on running water. Do this for ten to twenty minutes. Avoid the application of ice on a burn.

Pour Water On The Burnn

3. Apply Antibiotic Cream

Apply an antibiotic cream on the burnt skin for a faster relief. It will help in healing a first-degree burn as well as a second-degree burn. Ask your doctor to recommend you a good antibiotic cream or lotion that is effective for burns. Keep it at home always and use it first when you get a burn.

Apply Antibiotic Cream

4. Clean The Broken Blisters And Do Dressing

Avoid breaking blisters if they have formed due to a burn. In case the blisters have already broken and liquid come out of it, you should wash the skin using water as well as soap. After that, you should clean your skin well. Use antibiotic cream or lotion. Lastly, wrap the area using gauze bandage.

Clean The Broken Blisters And Do Dressing

5. Apply Cold Cloth And Take Cold Baths

Make the skin cool after the first aid is given for a burn at home. Apply cold cloth on the skin. For this, dip a cloth in cold water. Squeeze to remove extra water and apply on the skin. Take bath or shower with cold water.

Apply Cold Cloth And Take Cold Baths

6. Apply A Mint Toothpaste

If you get a burn at home by boiling water or touching a hot potholder, you should apply mint toothpaste on the burned area immediately. Before you apply the toothpaste, put the skin on running water under a tap. Dry the skin. After that, apply a mint toothpaste.[6]

Apply A Mint Toothpaste

7. Apply Potato Scrapes

Potato is very useful for healing burns at home. For this use scraped potato. Apply the potato scrapes over the burned skin areas. It will help in cooling the skin. For this remedy, you should use a raw potato.[7]

Apply Potato Scrapes

8. Soak The Skin In Milk

Milk contains nutrients that help in healing a burn. Dip the affected area of skin with a burn in milk. You should do this remedy for minimum fifteen minutes. It will help in soothing the skin.[8]

Soak The Skin In Milk

9. Apply Cold Wet Tea Bags

Black tea helps in healing a burn at home very easily. For this, take used tea bags of black tea. Prepare tea with the tea bag, cool it and use it for this remedy. Apply the wet tea bags over the affected areas on the skin. The tannic acid present in tea helps in reducing pain caused by a burn.[9]

Apply Cold Wet Tea Bags

10. Apply Yogurt

Yogurt is another easily available ingredient that you can use for the first aid of a burn at home. Apply yogurt on the affected skin area immediately after getting a burn. It will help in decreasing pain.[10]

Apply Yogurt

11. Apply Aloe Vera Gel And Moisturizer

A burn often causes a lot of pain and problem in the skin. For this, you should use a soothing lotion over the burned area. Choose a product with aloe vera gel. Apply the aloe gel on the burn. Using a moisturizer on the burned skin also helps a lot.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel And Moisturizer

12. Apply White Vinegar

White vinegar helps in reducing pain and inflammation in the skin caused by a burn. Add water to white vinegar to dilute it. Dip cotton in the solution and apply on the affected skin just like a compress. You can also do this remedy with the help of paper towels.[12]

Apply White Vinegar

13 Apply Honey

Honey has antibiotic properties and it helps in healing a burn and stopping infection in the skin. Use the honey topically externally on the skin. For this, apply honey over the burned skin with the help of cotton. It will cool your skin while reducing infection and pain.[13]

Apply Honey


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