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How To Heal Eczema With Essential Oils


Eczema is a skin disorder in which there are inflammation, dryness, and itching of the skin. The skin becomes red and sensitive with dark discoloration. Blisters and rashes form in the affected areas. Besides this, there is peeling of the skin and the area becomes swollen. The main reasons of eczema are asthma, hay fever, and genetic causes. Environmental triggers like chemical irritants, dander, pollen, and microorganisms cause a return of symptoms even after the eczema is healed. It is possible to fight the problem of eczema by using essential oils. We will give some tips for this. Following are some tips on how to heal eczema with essential oils.

1. Use Tea Tree Oil:

Use tea tree oil on the skin for healing eczema. The oil helps in killing infection due to its antiseptic properties. It can kill bacteria, virus, and fungi on the skin that causes eczema. Applying the oil reduces skin inflammation. Make a homemade eczema lotion by mixing one-teaspoon coconut oil with five drops tea tree oil and an equal amount of lavender oil. Mix and apply on the skin.[1]

Use Tea Tree Oil

2. Use Chamomile Oil:

Chamomile oil with a fruity smell can heal eczema very well. Take an eczema-calming bath by mixing two drops chamomile oil and an equal amount of geranium oil. Add half amount of elemi oil. Mix one-cup cornstarch. This is optional and you can omit it if you want. Put the mixture in warm bath water filled in a bathing tub. Soak the body in this water for half an hour and take a soothing bath that heals eczema.[2]

Use Chamomile Oil

3. Use Clove Oil:

Clove bud essential oil is useful for fighting eczema problem. The yellow brown oil has a strong aroma. Apply the clove oil on skin areas affected by eczema.[3]

Use Clove Oil

4. Use Rose Oil:

Rose oil is very beneficial for eczema. The oil has the property to nourish the skin and heal skin diseases. It promoted regeneration of skin cells. Rose oil soothes inflammation in the skin. Apply rose oil on skin for eczema healing.[4]

Use Rose Oil

5. Use Cedarwood Oil:

Cedarwood oil is also good for eczema. It helps in fighting irritation and inflammation that occurs in the skin due to eczema. For an eczema home remedy, mix two drops cedarwood essential oil with a skin lotion you use. Apply the lotion on the affected skin areas with infection and itching. You can also mix the essential oil with liquid body soap and use it on the skin. Take an eczema-healing bath by mixing five drops cedarwood essential oil with the bath water filled in a tub. Soak the body in this water for ten minutes.[5]

Use Cedarwood Oil

6. Use Patchouli Oil:

Patchouli essential oil can help you in healing eczema. Extracted from the patchouli plant leaves, the oil is prepared by steam distillation. Young and dry leaves of the plant are used for this purpose. For healing eczema, mix the patchouli essential oil with one teaspoon carrier oil like virgin olive oil. Apply the mixed oil on eczema affected skin areas with a rubbing movement. You can also mix the essential oil with apricot seed oil.[6]

Use Patchouli Oil

7. Use Geranium Oil:

Geranium essential oil helps in healing eczema naturally. Do a patch test on the skin to check if the oil causes any skin problem. Mix geranium oil with lavender oil and chamomile oil. Pour in a bottle and swirl. Apply the oil mixture on affected skin areas.[7]

Use Geranium Oil

8. Use Evening Primrose Oil:

Evening primrose oil is beneficial for eczema healing when used topically on the skin. For this, apply the oil directly on the skin on areas affected by the problem of eczema. Make a home remedy for eczema by mixing the evening primrose oil with chamomile oil. Add almond oil infused with red clover. Add Vitamin E oil. Mix carrier oil. Apply the mixture on affected skin areas. The oil helps in reducing itching and inflammation in the skin. It heals the skin dryness.[8]

Use Evening Primrose Oil

9. Use Rosehip Oil:

Heal dry eczema by using the rosehip essential oil. For making this remedy, mix the rosehip oil with lavender oil, palmarosa oil, and Calophyllum oil. Apply the oil mixture on the affected skin. Do this thrice daily. It will help in reducing itching and healing eczema.[9]

Use Rosehip Oil

10. Use Juniper Oil:

It is possible to heal moist eczema by using Juniper essential oil. Take an aromatic bath with juniper oil if the eczema is severe and has spread in the whole body. If the eczema is minor, use a compress of juniper oil on the skin. In case there is crusting and bleeding in the skin due to eczema, use juniper oil mixed with skin oil.[10]

Use Juniper Oil

11. Use Bergamot Oil:

Bergamot essential oil is useful for fighting skin problems like eczema. The oil heals the skin due to its antiseptic properties. Use the oil in combination with other oils by blending it with rosemary, geranium, cypress or jasmine oils. Apply the oil mixture on affected skin areas.[11]

Use Bergamot Oil


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