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How To Help Elders Overcome Hearing Problems

It is difficult to imagine the world without sound. We can communicate with our family and the rest of the world only when we can hear properly. Ear are an important organ for human beings as it helps us in hearing well and communicating with others. If there is any problem or disease in the ear, it can affect the ability to hear. People who cannot hear well have to undergo great hardships and problems in their life. Hearing problems affect the elderly people the most. The ability to hear well may decrease with increasing age and it leads to hearing loss. The elderly people have to face frustration and embarrassment due to hearing problems. We can help our elders in overcoming this problem. We will give some tips for this. Several methods to help improve hearing ability are suggested here. Use the tips and treatment methods given here to deal with hearing inability in older adults. Following are some useful tips on how to help elders overcome hearing problems.

Here Are Ways To Help Elders Overcome Hearing Problems:

1. Get Hearing Tests Done

Timely detection of hearing problems makes it easy for the doctors to give treatment. For this, get regular hearing tests done. If the condition is not detected, it isolates the elderly people and they start avoiding social life.

Get Hearing Tests Done

2. Consult A Doctor

The next step in dealing with hearing problems is consulting a doctor as soon as an elderly family member experiences hearing difficulties. Your physician will ask you to consult an audiologist. If there is an ear disease that needs medical treatment, the audiologist will further ask you to consult an otologist. The otologist will give medicines or recommend surgery for hearing loss.

Consult A Doctor

3. Use Hearing Aids

If any of the elderly persons in your family suffers from hearing problems, you can consider recommending the use of hearing aids. These are fitted on the ear. It will help in hearing sounds at a louder pitch. Consult an audiologist for getting these electronic instruments. Try using various types of hearing aids to find the best one that suits you.

Use Hearing Aids

4. Change The Talking Habits

It is better to change the talking habits with the elderly people in our family. Talk to them face to face instead of shouting from another room. Talk very slowly with sounds uttered clearly. Avoid talking at a fast speed. Don’t use complex sentences. Get rid of hindrances like beards and moustaches that make reading spoken words difficult.

5. Use Assistive Listening Devices

Using assistive listening devices helps in improving hearing abilities in daily life. Use a device that amplifies the voice in a telephone. You can also use an instrument that makes the sound in your cell phone louder. Devices are also available for amplifying the sound in tablets. You can use vibrating alarm clocks. Other useful devices for hearing problems are flashing fire alarms. Some types of fire alarms vibrate the bed. The elderly people can use headsets while listening to the radio or watching television.

Use Assistive Listening Devices

6. Speech Training

Speech training is an important part of dealing with hearing problems in the elderly people. Consult an expert and trained speech therapist and take speech reading training. The therapist will train you to listen properly. The therapy will also help in learning lip reading.

Speech Training

7. Surgery

Surgery is the last option for elderly people who have severe hearing problems that cannot be resolved with other methods. The surgery is known as cochlear implants. It involves inserting a tiny electronic instrument on ear. Hearing ability improves to some extent with this surgery. The surgery is used only in certain conditions and not in all types of hearing loss.


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