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How To Lose Weight Without Dieting


Obesity spoils the body shape, beauty, and looks of a person with fat deposited at various places in the body. Doctors often warn people that an increased body weight may increase the risk of several diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and even cancer. Thus, it is important to control the weight and stay slim. Reducing the weight will protect you from diseases apart from improving your looks and personality. Often, people who want to lose weight very fast think of crash dieting by missing meals. Thinking in this way is a big mistake that you should avoid. It is possible to lose weight even without going on a crash diet. We will give you some tips for this.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

1. Eat In Small Plates

Use small plates at the mealtime. It will help in taking less amount of food in each serving. Controlling the portion size of foods is very important for weight control. Eating in big plates makes you eat more food thus taking more calories, which leads to weight gain. Thus, you should eat in small sized plates.

Eat Eggs

2. Drink Fluids

Increase the amount of fluids you take. It will help in hydrating the body and preventing dehydration. Taking water before a meal helps in eating less amount of food. Water is the best drink as it is calorie free and without sugar and caffeine. Drink vegetable soups. Take tea and coffee without sugar. Don’t take sugary drinks like colas, soft drinks and even fruit juice.

Grape Juice

3. Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Choose fibrous vegetables and watery fruits for weight loss. Cook more than one vegetable in a meal preferably three veggies at the same time. Don’t add butter or oil to vegetables while cooking them. Avoid adding sauce and dressing with it. Flavor your food with herbs.

Eat Fruits And Vegetables

4. Eat Whole Grains

Eating refined grains and flour made with it can cause weight gain. Instead of eating refined grains and foods, you should eat whole grains. They contain lesser amount of calories. Take brown rice instead of white rice. Eat bread and pasta made of whole wheat instead of white flour. Oats and barley are healthy grains for weight loss.

Have More Of Whole Grains

5. Chew The Food Properly

Chew the food properly and take enough time to eat it. Eating the food very fast leads to weight gain. Avoid doing this. When the speed of eating the food is slow, it makes you feel full without doing overeating. It decreases the amount of food you eat. Thus, eat the food slowly.

Chew The Food Properly

6. Take Non-Sugary Foods

Most of us love to eat sugary foods like pastries, pudding, candies and chocolates. These foods can increase your weight. Cut out sugary foods from your diet. Take non-sugary foods. Eat foods with no or very less sugar.

Take Non-Sugary Foods

7. Do Regular Exercises

Increase your physical activities by becoming active. Do regular exercises to stay fit and slim. Walking is the best exercise that can be done anywhere. Doing swimming, cycling, dancing and stair climbing also helps a lot. Choose low impact exercises.

Do Regular Exercises

8. Do Yoga

Apart from exercise, you can also lose weight by doing yoga. Yoga postures help in increasing flexibility of the body and getting peace of mind and joy. Learn the right method to do different yoga poses. Do yoga daily for best results.

Do Yoga

9. Sleep Well

Inability to sleep well and sleeplessness leads to weight gain. You can control weight by getting a good sleep. Staying awake at night due to work or parties can make you fat by reducing the metabolism. Thus, sleep well to stay slim and fit.

Sleep Well

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