How To Perform Seated Forward Bend Pose And Its Health Benefits

How To Perform Seated Forward Bend Pose

Seated Forward Bend pose is a basic yoga pose which is very easy to do. This particular pose provides lots of benefits to your body. It is very much suitable for the elderly people because it is easy to do. Like all other yoga poses seated forward bend pose has also a name in Sanskrit. It is called “paschimotthanasana”. In Sanskrit “Paschim” means the back and “Uttana” means bend in forward direction. And “asana” normally means pose.

Methods For Seated Forward Bend pose:

First seat on the floor relaxing your body keeping your spine erect with the ground. Stretch your legs in forward direction keeping both of the legs together. Now stretch both your hands and try to bend the upper body part. Now try to touch the feet stretching your hamstrings. Bend your hands at your elbows and then touch your feet. Now keep your head down and try to touch your feet with your head. Hold this pose for 10-15 seconds. Take rest and perform the pose once again.

Health Benefits Of Seated Forward Bend pose:

Corrects The Body Posture:

Sometimes our body has a wrong posture. This particular pose helps you to correct your body posture by keeping your spine straight. So, if you perform this particular pose daily it will help you to correct your pose.

Corrects The Body Posture

Relaxes Your Body:

This pose helps you to relax your body. This pose effectively relaxes your hamstring and the muscles of your leg.

Relaxes Your Body

Improves Concentration Power:

Do you have a low concentration power? Then please do seated forward bend pose every day as it effectively increases your concentration power. Thus it is good for the students.

Improves Concentration Power

Relaxes Your Mind:

Now a day due to a very fast life we often suffer from tension and stress. Stress and tension causes many
diseases. This particular pose plays an extraordinary role to relieve stress from our mind. So, if you want to live a very healthy lifestyle try to perform this pose daily.

Relaxes Your Mind

Removes Shoulder Pain And keeps Healthy Spine:

Those who do desk jobs they often suffer from shoulder pain and also pain in the muscles near the spine. Seated forward bend pose is very much helpful to reducing shoulder pain and also pain in lower back also spine.

Removes Shoulder Pain And keeps Healthy Spine

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