Ways To Perform Sukhasana Or Easy Pose And Its Health Benefits

sukhasana or easy pose

Do you know how to perform easy pose? It is a very popular and basic yoga pose which contains lots of health benefits for you. It is very simple to do thus every body can do this pose. The name came from Sanskrit language; as in Sanskrit “Easy” means “Sukha” and “Pose” stands for “Asana” in Sanskrit. When any body performs this pose his body looks like relaxing or easy attitude, thus this pose has such a name.

Here Are Ways To Perform Sukhasana Or Easy Pose And Its Health Benefits

Steps To Do Easy Pose In Simple Method

First sit on the ground straight thus your spine lies perpendicular with the ground. Now fold your leg in inward direction thus your feet lies one on the other. The legs should be in position like in lotus pose. Now place both of your hands on your knees keeping them in rest position. Now relax your body and mind. Try to inhale in and out. Hold this pose for 30-40 seconds. It is the final pose and it is basically done after the corpse pose.

Steps To Do Easy Pose In Simple Method

Multiple Health Benefits Of Easy Pose

Straightens Your Spine

In this pose you have to keep your spine erect with the ground which plays very important role in keeping your spine erect. A straight spine gives you a right posture.


Keeps Your Mind Calm

Now a day every body became so stressed with their work and thus they posses a disturbed mind. Easy pose helps you relaxing your mind and keeps your mind calm. Thus it is the best ever pose for relaxation as the name also suggests it.


Slows Down Metabolism

This great pose plays an effective role in slowing down the metabolism of your body and keeps you fit in an effective way. Thus you remain fit forever.


Relaxes Your Body

Easy pose keeps your body relaxed and helps you to keep fit. As you relaxes your body while perform this particular pose it helps in relaxing the muscles of your body.

Relaxes Your Body

Effective For Inner Tranquility

Easy pose plays an effective role in promoting inner tranquility in a superb way. As you exhale and inhale continuously during this pose thus it is very much beneficial for you.

Inner Tranquility

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