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Rehydrate Your Body With These 11 Home Cures For Dehydration


Rehydrate Your Body With These 11 Home Cures For Dehydration

In sharp contrast to the popular belief that dehydration is usually caused by over exposure to the sun, there are plenty of other causes for the condition. So if you are under the impression that you can get dehydrated only in the summer, you are very wrong. For dehydration aka loss of fluids in the body, can be caused by excessive sweating, diarrhea, diabetes, vomiting, frequent urination and even burns, etc. After oxygen, the next most important thing your body needs to function properly is water. As such, it you need to consider getting dehydration treated as soon as possible. While a doctor’s visit is necessary for serious cases, you can opt for some simple home remedies for milder cases. Here are 11 such remedies to rehydrate your body quickly.

1. Drink Water

Water can be considered as the best natural cure for dehydration, replenishing the lost fluid levels in your body in a jiffy. While drinking very cold water is not good for health, you can opt to drink cold water at regular intervals throughout the day to feel fresh and rehydrated. The recommended amount it 8 glasses of water a day although you can increase the count if you are feeling very dehydrated. In case you are headed out, freeze some water at the bottom of a water bottle and pour cold water into it. This would let you enjoy cold water wherever you go for the next few hours.

Drink Water

2. Eat Bananas

Dehydration can suck out the potassium levels in your body. So better replenish them with foods rich in potassium. Eating bananas would help you do just that. In addition to restoring the potassium levels, bananas would also help replenish the reduced water levels in your body, thereby keeping you hydrated for longer periods. While too many bananas may tend to affect your tummy, opt for 2-33 bananas during the course of the day to combat dehydration.


3. Eat Bland Foods

If you are suffering from dehydration due to an upset stomach, stick to bland foods for at least a day or so until the condition abates. Bland foods are easily digestible and would not place too much pressure on your tummy during this period. Excellent choices for these kinds of foods include rice, soda crackers, flavored grains, potatoes and even gelatins (these can replenish the water levels in your body as well).

 Eat Bland Foods

4. Eat Watermelons

Watermelons are excellent remedies for dehydration. They are fresh and they are sweet. They contain plenty of nutrients like magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, sodium and lycopene, etc. that would provide overall strength. But best of all, they contain a lot of water that would do your body a lot of good in case you are dehydrated. Cut a watermelon into small cubes and eat them. You can also opt to grind these cubes and drink their juice. 2-3 glasses of watermelon juice at regular intervals throughout the day would thus, keep your body rehydrated and strong enough to fight off dehydration effectively.


5. Drink Coconut Water

Ditch all those artificial sports drinks and opt for nature’s own version of an electrolyte replenishing drink; coconut water. Coconut water contains plenty of electrolytes as well as minerals like iron and potassium. Furthermore, it has relatively low calories and can even be taken by diabetic patients suffering from dehydration. So if you are feeling very dehydrated, rush to the nearest fruit stall and get yourself some refreshing coconut water. You will feel better in minutes.

Coconut Water

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6. Drink Lime, Salt & Sugar Solution

Another very effective home remedy for dehydration involves drinking a lime juice, salt and sugar solution. All you need to do is add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt to a glass of water. Mix nicely until the ingredients dissolve completely. Drink this juice at least twice a day to prevent dehydration.

Drink Lime, Salt & Sugar Solution

7. Eat Yogurt

Who would have thought that yogurt can be used to treat dehydration? Yogurt is known to contain plenty of potassium and sodium. As such, it would help restore the adequate levels of these minerals in your body when you are suffering from dehydration. A cup of yogurt in the morning and afternoon can therefore, keep you well protected from dehydration and its after effects.


8. Suck on Ice Cubes

Sometimes, all you would need to do to treat dehydration is to walk over to the refrigerator, open the freezer and get some ice cubes. Either rub these ice cubes on your face and body or suck them for some time until your body cools down. You can also eat a popsicle to restore the lost water levels in your body. So keep a lookout for that ice cream van if your body feels overheated.

 Ice Cubes

9. Eat/Rub Some Salt

Low salt levels in the body can lead to excessive sweating which in turn, can lead to dehydration as well. So consider increasing salt intake to combat dehydration. Opt for salty nuts, pretzels or crackers rather than eating plain salt.

You can also sprinkle some salt onto your skin after a refreshing bath in cool water. Massage the salt gently on the skin to remove the dryness caused by dehydration. Alternatively, fill the bath tub with water and add a cup of table salt to it. Soak in this solution for about 15 minutes to relieve the itchy feeling that comes with dehydration.


10. Drink Buttermilk

Buttermilk can treat chronic cases of dehydration as well. So drink at least 4-5 glasses of buttermilk every day until the condition abates. You can make your own buttermilk solution at home as well. Simply add 3 tablespoons of yogurt to a glass of water, add a pinch of salt for taste, and stir nicely. Drink this solution to get quick and effective relief from dehydration.


11. Drink Chamomile Tea

Not many know that Chamomile tea is an age old cure for dehydration. In addition to replenishing the lost fluid levels in your body, chamomile tea being a natural pain reliever, would effectively reduce the stomach cramps you experience when suffering from dehydration. So make do with 1-2 cups of chamomile tea a day until you feel better and your body feels hydrated again.


Chamomile Tea

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