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5 Must Know Serious Side Effects Of Consuming Cucumber

Side Effects Of Consuming Cucumber

Cucumber or Cucumis Sativus, is a super hydrating vegetable that belongs to the melon family. This widely cultivated, low calorie vegetable is enjoyed by people the world over. Cucumber is a rich source of fiber, vitamins and essential minerals. This vegetable offers a host of health benefits. However, consuming this vegetable excessively can cause severe digestive disorders, dehydration and even asthma. To know more about the serious side effects of this vegetable read on.

Here Are 5 Serious Side Effects Of Consuming Cucumber:

Causes Dehydration

An unpleasant side effect of consuming excessive amounts of this vegetable is that it can result in extreme loss of bodily fluids. The excessive loss of fluids after consuming this crunchy vegetable can be attributed to its natural diuretic properties. Extreme fluid loss leads to dehydration and in rare cases it may even result in death.


Digestive Disorders

This delicious vegetable contains cucurbitacin, which is a class of biochemical compounds. Nutritional studies indicate that curcurbitacin can unleash a host of digestive problems including gas buildup, cramps, bloating and indigestion. Eating this vegetable excessive can also aggravate the symptoms of diverticulitis.

Aids Digestion

Can Aggravate Asthma   

Asthmatics are advised not to this vegetable excessively. Asthma patients are likely to experience severe symptoms of this respiratory disorder within minutes of consuming this vegetable. Cucumber contains moderate amounts of the salicylate, a naturally occurring chemical. Ingesting too much of salicylate rich food can cause the immune system to overreact. The immune system releases histamines which can aggravate the symptoms of asthma.


Causes Toxic Shock

This is a little known nonetheless serious side effect of consuming too much of this vegetable. When the system is overloaded with curcurbitacins or tetracyclic triterpenoids it can cause the body to go into toxic shock. If adequate measures are not taken to revive the individual it can even lead to his / her death.

Gets Rid of Toxins

Severe Allergic Reaction

A diet that is high in this crunchy vegetable can cause allergic reaction which may range in intensity from mild to moderate. Eating too much of this vegetable can also lead to both oral and skin allergic reactions. The allergic reactions brought on by consuming cucumbers are generally attributed to the presence of specific proteins which are present in this vegetable. The body releases large amounts of histamine and specific antibodies known as IgE to combat the proteins. This can lead to allergic reactions which include tingling sensation around the mouth, skin rashes, persistent cough, watering of the eyes and in rare cases even anaphylaxis.

Allergic Reactions

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