Simple Method To Do A Headstand And Know Interesting Health Benefits Of This Pose

Head Stand

Head Stand or Shirshasana is known as the King of the Yoga poses as it has lots of benefits on your body. This pose requires excellent body balance, so if are a beginner then do not try to perform it as it may cause injury on your body. And also when you are an intermediate always try to take help of your instructor to do this particular pose. Like other Yoga poses this pose is also a name in Sanskrit. Where “Shirsa” means crown of the head and “Asana” means pose. In this pose the performer have to stand on the crown position of his head.

Methods To Do A Perfect Head Stand:

This particular pose is a little bit difficult but if you practice it in a regular basis you can definitely do it in a perfect way. To perform this pose first lay straight on the floor keeping your leg stretched and also keeps both of your arms beside your body. Now slowly try to uplift the lower part of your body from the ground. First uplift your legs and then your hips from the floor. Keep your body balance by supporting your waist with your hands. Try to keep your whole body in perpendicular position with the floor. When you got the complete balance just take away the hands from your waist and keep both of your hands behind your head. Hold the pose for 5-10 seconds and then release.

Head Stand 2

Interesting Health Benefits Of Head Stand:

Ideal For The Patient Of Insomnia:

Those who are suffering from Insomnia they must do this pose. According to the doctors Head stand is very much good for reducing the problem of Insomnia in a natural way.


Reduces Migraine Pains:

Are you suffering from Migraine? Then you must do Head Stand regularly. Head Stand is very much effective for reducing the migraine pains at gives you really relief from the pain.


Corrects The Posture:

This particular pose actually works on your spine and it is very much helpful for correcting your body posture.

Corrects The Posture

Improves Blood Circulation:

Head Stand improves the blood circulation in your whole body and improves the entire health.

Improves Blood Circulation

Good For Headache:

Head Stand also very much beneficial for them those who are suffering from any kind of headache. So , when ever you have any headache give it a try.


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