Simple Method To Perform Pigeon Pose And Know Its Interesting Health Benefits


Pigeon Pose

Today we are sharing the simple method to perform Pigeon Pose. Do you know how to do this pose? If no then please go through the article and learn how to perform this typical pose. This amazing pose has lots of health benefits for your body so try to perform this pose in a regular basis.

When you perform this pose your body looks like the shape of the bird Pigeon that’s why the pose has such a name. Like other poses this pose also has a name in Sanskrit. In Sanskrit language Pigeon is called “Pigeon” and pose is called “Asana”. So in Sanskrit language Pigeon pose is called “Kapotasana”.

Simple Method to do Pigeon Pose:

Pigeon pose has a little variation on the positions of hands and legs. Here we are discussing the most popular method. First sit on the floor keeping your spine perpendicular with the ground. Stretch both of your legs and keep your hands beside your body. Now pull your right leg on the ground towards you folding the leg at knee where as your right toe must point inward. Now stretch your left leg back side of your body and also fold your leg at the knee in upward direction. Now slowly raise both of your hands in upward direction and then fold the hands at elbows stretching them backward. Now try to hold the left feet with both of your hands. Hold the pose for 10-15 seconds.

Pigeon Pose2

Amazing Health Benefits Of Pigeon Pose:

Stretches The Muscle Of Leg:

In this pose you have to stretch your legs and thus the muscles of leg are also stretched. It keeps your leg strong.

Stretches The Muscle Of Leg

Ideal For Neck Pain:

Are you suffering from neck pain for a long time? Then try to perform Pigeon pose as it provides benefits those who are suffering from neck pain in a natural way.

neck pain

Stretches The Shoulder And Chest Muscle:

This pose actually opens up your chest and shoulder muscles. It keeps and helps to build the muscles strong.

Shoulder And Chest Muscle

Good For Abdomen:

This pose also provides benefits to your abdomens too by helping to build the muscles strong.


Beneficial For Thigh And Groin:

Want to get a toned thigh? Then this pose is highly suggested for you. It keeps your thigh toned and keeps the muscles active. It also provides benefits to the groin area also.

Thigh And Groin


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