4 Tips To Make Your Nails Look Elegant Naturally

Make Your Nails Look Elegant

So, you are willing to make your nails look more elegant and attractive? Well, like a feeling to have new haircut, awesome skin and healthy body, the wish to have attractive nails is also one that can arise in your heart anytime.

Here Are 4 Tips To Make Your Nails Look Elegant Naturally :


A nail spa or manicure is the best idea to make your nails look beautiful. This not only helps in cleansing away dirt from nails but also to add a layer of shine on them. Secondly, manicure also targets cleansing your hands and making them elegant. You can even do manicure in home using hydrogen peroxide, liquid cleanser and baking soda.



Moisturizing hands and nails regularly, especially in winter season is important. Regular application of moisturizer on nail bed helps them to grow faster. Putting oil around cuticles is good idea to moisturize them. This is how you can save your nails from cracking, splitting and chipping.


Appropriate Food Supplements

Like every other beauty secret hidden in food, elegance of nails also depends upon certain food supplements. Protein rich food and calcium supplements help your nails to grown stronger. As per a common belief, drinking gelatin in water also supports growth and strength of nails. Fluoride also has special impact on health of nail.

Appropriate food supplements

Regular Filing

Filing nails regularly and keeping them in shape is also important to make them look good. If you have short nails, it’s better to file them than cutting. If you don’t like application of nail paint, applying colorless nail enamels is the best idea.

Regular filing

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