Top 10 DIY Remedies To Manage Itchy Lips

Just like our face, our lips are also an important part of our body that deserve the best care. Well, everyone likes to decorate it with various glosses or lipsticks but how many actually care for it? Lips, more than decoration need care otherwise you will observe problems like itchiness, dryness and chapped lips. Our lips experiences problem like itchiness when we use so many different products every now and then or due to the pollution and other outside factors.

You Can Get Rid Of Itchy Lips By Following The Tips That Are Given Under Here.

1. Discontinue Cosmetics

Cosmetics do add beauty to the skin but many a times, it play reverse. Rather than adding a little beauty, it does more harm to the skin. Therefore, choose the cosmetic products carefully. When you are suffering from itchy lips which is way irritating, you must discontinue its usage, if you are unsure about the product. In case, it leads to dry lips, then you can take help of lip care products that contain Shea butter and bees wax. Apply once daily and you will be able to say goodbye to itchy lips very soon.

Discontinue Cosmetics

2. Use Plain Water To Wash Your Face And Lips

The water that comes from the tap is not pure, we already know but still tis usage for washing the skin is thought as safe. Yes, the tap water can be used for washing purpose but if the skin is sensitive or prone to infection due to this, then make sure that you discontinue its usage or you will have to suffer from itchy lips and several skin disorders like acne breakout and warts. If not tap water, use distilled water. It is very pure and can be used for washing facial skin and lips. Not only it moisturizes but also keeps the lips in best shape. Moreover, it also helps in washing off excess of irritants that have stuck to the lips.

Use Plain Water To Wash Your Face And Lips

3. Apply Honey And Almond Oil

Honey maintains the moisture on the lips while almond oil is the solution for itchiness. Together, these two can do wonders. Simply mix ½ teaspoon of natural honey with 2 to 3 drops of almond oil in a bowl. Combine properly and then apply on your lips. Keep for some 15-20 minutes and then wash off with distilled water. Proceed with a moisturizing product after. Repeat the same remedy several times a day.

Apply Honey And Almond Oil

4. Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Keeping the lips moisturized is also a necessity. It keeps the skin healthy and free from disorders like itchiness and other. You may drink plenty of water or use some good lip care and moisturizing products for that. However, before using a moisturizing product, make sure that you have washed your lips properly with distilled water. Also, use a soft towel to wipe the lips, it will keep the lips hydrated and prevent dryness.

Keep Your Lips Moisturized

5. Take A Well-balanced Diet

Although lips are an external organ of our body but it does not mean that you need only topical applications for its well-being. Many a times, when disorders like itchiness prevails, you need to pay attention to some internal factors as well. These are like healthy diet and proper hydration. A healthy diet keeps the malevolent factors away from inside the body thus reflecting in the external beauty. A healthy diet is important not only for the lips but for overall beauty be it inner or outer.

Take A Well-balanced Diet

6. Avoid Smoking Or Tobacco

In most cases, this is the major reason for itchy lips. You need to give up smoking or tobacco not only for itchy lips but for the overall health. These are the evils that not only effects your lungs but also your lips and tongue. The lips after continuous smoking and tobacco tends to become dry and dark and the tongue starts observing less of saliva which is important for the body. It does more damage than it does good. Therefore, if you are least concerned about your health, lips and beauty, you need to give up this bad habit.

Avoid Smoking Or Tobacco

7. Discontinue Alcohol

Who had ever known that one day what is made for medicinal purpose will become an evil in the society. Alcohol if consumed in limit acts like a medicine as written in the pack also but if surpassed the limit, it takes no time in destroying the lungs and the beauty also. You can see the proof in alcoholic and non-alcoholic people. Moreover, alcohol dehydrates the entire body and leads to dry and itchy lips. You can see the change in yourself when you stop consuming alcohol.

Discontinue Alcohol

8. Drink Plenty Of Water

This is one of the most advisable and the most effective remedy when it comes to beauty and any kind of disorder prevailing in the body. This is one advice that all of us know but only a few actually implement in their daily routine. Not being able to practice this advice leads to dry skin and itchy lips sometimes. Therefore, drink as much water as you can and be beautiful and keep hydrated. Make sure that you have 8-10 glasses of water every day. Other than lips, it will help in retaining the moisture into the skin and prevent dryness at any part.

Drink Plenty Of Water

9. Apply Aloe Vera

Well, well, well, this is one of the most effective remedy for a number of beauty purpose. Indeed, nature has and is the best solution of any kind of problem. For itchy lips also, it can be used. If you plan to go for this tip, make sure that you use fresh aloe vera gel and apply on your lips several times a day. It will avert the itchiness and keep you lips moisturized and maintain the light shade. Prefer mixing with few drops of lemon juice, if you have stains or pigments on lips.

Apply Aloe Vera

10. Use Baby Oil

Baby oil is actually very moisturizing and best beauty product. It contains no irritants and offendable ingredients that otherwise leads to the itchy or dry lips. Use a baby oil to your itchy lips several times a day and you will be able to prevent dryness and overcome itchiness. Keep on applying even when you are done with the problem.

Use Baby Oil

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