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Top 10 Foods For High Blood Pressure

Foods For High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure or hypertension is a silent killer. It is one of those associated ailments that can cause small health problems to escalate to life threatening states easily. Having a good diet will ensure that your pressure is well managed and maintained. This dietary approach is called DASH and it includes reducing sodium levels, fats and alcohol consumption. Apart from these the following foods also help manage the state of hypertension.

Leafy Greens

Foods groups which are high in potassium will help balance a better potassium level in the body. Thus include the entire gamut of leafy greens which includes Kales, Spinach, Lettuce, collard greens and arugula to name a few. It is always safer to opt for them fresh or frozen rather than make use of their canned versions.

Leafy Greens For High Blood Pressure


The darker the berries will be, the better the impact it will have on your pressure levels. Blueberries and blackberries are rich in natural flavonoids that help balance out the hypertension levels in the body. These are also full of age reversing anti oxidants.

Berries For High Blood Pressure


Potatoes are surprisingly always eliminated whenever one thinks of a diet. But it is known to contain high levels of magnesium and potassium along with fibre. Try not to fatten it by consuming them baked and without greasy condiments.

Potatoes For High Blood Pressure


Clinical studies over the years have highlighted the beneficial impact of beetroot juice in our body. This goodness is owing to the nitrates which helped balance the hypertension in the consumers.

Beets For High Blood Pressure

Skimmed Milk

The DASH approach also recommends that one must increase the intake of Vitamin D and calcium without adding to the fat content. Thus low fat skimmed milk is the perfect solution that fits these requirements. If milk is not on your preference list then replace it with low fat or non fat yoghurt. This will also reduce the risk of heart attacks to a great extent.

Skimmed Milk For High Blood Pressure


When you want a filling and fat free alternative, then what better than oatmeal to save the day? This not only lowers the hypertension factors but also absorbs the cholesterol levels to improve the lipid profile. Avoid having too much refined sugar with it and mix it ideally with sweet berries to reap the best benefits.

Oatmeal For High Blood Pressure


Just like potatoes, bananas are the other surprise entrants in this diet list. It is very good for the system as well as the high on potassium. It is quick and easy to eat and can effortlessly mix into any possible meal.

Bananas For High Blood Pressure

Sunflower Seeds

These small brown seeds are a fabulous source of magnesium. One fourth of a cup a day can make a filling and nutritious snack. Add it to quinoa or make it into your own mix, but don’t take the salted variety else the sodium levels will not be balanced.

Sunflower Seeds For High Blood Pressure


Every kind of beans including soya beans is a choc a block of fibre and minerals. They improve your overall health with the right levels of soluble minerals which are needed to balance the sodium and potassium levels. Apart from this it is also a filling element that adds body to any preparation.

Beans For High Blood Pressure

Dark Chocolate

Darker and bitter varieties of chocolates are which happily fall into this category. This is attributed to the bitter and pure form of cocoa which is filled with nutritive benefits that are lost as and how it is sweetened. Try to opt for the chocolates which are 70% or more in content of dark chocolate. This will not only keep your mood swings under check but also keep your pressure problems at bay. However do not over indulge and consume in moderations only.

Dark Chocolate For High Blood Pressure

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