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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Matta Rice



Rice is the most common food popular all over the world. It is eaten in almost all homes as a part of daily meal. People like to make many types of dishes with rice. However, some people don’t like to eat rice that much due to its high carbohydrate content, which can make you fat. A high carbohydrate diet is not good for health so people often avoid eating rice. Matta rice is a very good alternative to the regular rice due to the high amount of nutrients it contains. The rice is very popular in Kerala in India. Various South Indian dishes like idli and appam are made from this rice. The matta rice is yellow in color and it is very good for health. We will discuss the benefits of this rice here. Following are the top 10 health benefits of matta rice.

1. Healthy Heart 

Matta rice is very good for heart health. It contains very less amount of fat and cholesterol, which improves the health of our heart. It helps in preventing blockage and clogging in arteries. Matta rice is a healthy food for heart patients as it prevents the formation of clots in arteries.

Heart health

2. Obesity

Since matta rice has very less amount of calories, it is very good for preventing and controlling obesity. The rice does not have any amount of fat in it. It is an ideal weight loss food free of calories and fat that doesn’t make you overweight.


3. Wounds

Zinc is a mineral that helps in healing wounds. Matta rice is rich in zinc so it is very useful for treating wounds. It helps in faster healing of cuts and wounds.


4. Prevents Vitamin Deficiency

Matta rice contains high amounts of nutrient that improve prevent deficiency diseases. It contains Vitamin A and B, which helps in improving our health. Deficiency of Vitamin A and B causes several types of diseases so eating matta rice helps in preventing this deficiency. The rice contain Vitamin B6, which helps in production of serotonin in our body.

Prevent Vitamin Deficiency

5. Diabetes

Eating matta rice can protect you from diabetes. It helps in preventing insulin resistance while helping in lowering blood sugar levels due to its low glycemic index value. Diabetic patients should eat the matta rice instead of taking the regular white rice. Prepare healthy dishes with this rice.


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6. Hypertension

The matta rice helps in controlling the problem of hypertension. It has lot of fiber and other nutrients that can reduce the blood pressure levels. Thus, people who have hypertension should include the matta rice in their diet.


7. High Cholesterol

People who suffer from high cholesterol can benefit by eating matta rice. The rice contains nutrients that help in reducing the cholesterol levels, thus it is useful for cholesterol patients. The rice has a nutrient called monacolin A, which has the property to decrease cholesterol.

Higher Levels of Cholesterol

8. Prevents Magnesium Deficiency

The matta rice contains high amounts of magnesium, which helps in improving our health and preventing magnesium deficiency. The mineral helps in the proper functioning of enzyme activity in various organs.

Deficiency Of Essential Nutrients

9. Better Digestion

Digestion can be improved by eating matta rice. The rice contains fiber, which controls digestion and preventing digestive disorders like gas, bloating and indigestion. It helps in having easy bowel movements and preventing constipation.

Aids Digestion

10. Healthy Bones And Teeth

Matta rice helps in improving the health of our bones and teeth. The rice has high amount of calcium, a nutrient that makes our bones healthy while preventing bone diseases. It also prevents many types of teeth disorders.

Healthy And Strong Bones


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