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Top 10 Natural Health Remedies For Anxiety

Natural Health Remedies For Anxiety

When a person’s ability to react to a particular situation becomes weak or he behaves abnormally in a normal situation, it could be the symptom of anxiety. One becomes anxious, irritable, nervous and worried for normal activities in life and the sleep pattern also gets disturbed. Trouble in work, money, school, emotional problems or health, the reasons could be many. The person becomes withdrawn and stops interacting with people and could also develop suicidal thoughts if help is not administered at the right time.Though therapists and experts are available for treating these disorders, natural remedies can also be resorted to as they have no side-effects.

Let Us Discuss Some Natural Remedies For Anxiety –

Green Tea –

It contains an amino acid called L-theanine which can control rapid heart beats and maintain sugar levels in the body. It hence soothes jittery nerves and makes a person feel calm and more focused.

Green Tea (2)

Chamomile Tea –

A nice warm cup of chamomile tea can do wonders to soothe jittery nerves. Though this is a safe option some people are found to be allergic it and can be used to treat mild forms of anxiety only. Chamomile is available in the form of supplements too.

Chamomile Tea

Valerian –

This herb is used to treat short-term anxiety and restlessness disorders. They are said to impact the brain receptors and calm down the senses but should not be taken for more than a few weeks at a stretch. It is a sedative which induces drowsiness and can be used to treat insomnia.


Lemon Balm –

This is sold in the form of tea, oil, tincture and capsules. They can treat insomnia and restlessness, but an overdose can be harmful. Lemon balm oil can be massaged in the body or the tea can be had to settle jittery nerves.

Lemon balm

Lavender –

This aromatherapy herb is used to relax and calm the mind and body. This can be used as an oil, tincture or taken as a tea. Though it could be harmful if taken in large doses and for long-term purposes, lavender can definitely be used to uplift bad moods.


Walking –

This is an instant mood uplifter as walking is known to release hormones that make us feel better. Make a schedule and go for long brisk walks to peaceful and calm areas, which are away from the city hustle. This will give time to think, introspect and refresh the mind. Nature, greenery, sunlight all help in contributing to relieve an anxious mind.



This technique is thousands of years old and promises to combat depressive and anxious moods. As we breathe in through the nostril, we inhale positive energy and expel out all the restlessness with the exhaled air. In one technique, you can breathe out completely through the mouth and then inhale through the nose for a count of 4, hold for 7 counts and exhale through the nose on a count of 8. This is an instant remedy for low mood swings.


Eat Breakfast –

Meals should never be skipped if we are feeling anxious and low. In fact, items like eggs should be eaten that are filling and good sources of choline which are known to relieve anxiety.
Omega -3 fats – These are not only good for the heart but effect the mind too. Fish oils are known to treat restlessness and depressive moods and students who are undertaking exams are often advised to eat omega -3 rich foods.

Never Skip Breakfast

Proper Diet –

When we start feeling anxious our blood sugar starts dropping. So to maintain proper levels it is best to eat something and that too quick. Chocolates, walnuts are great stress busters and can balance the stress hormones. We should introduce healthy foods like whole grains, omega – 3 fats, nuts and leafy green vegetables in our diet which contain phytonutrients to help in reducing bad moods.

Recommended Dietary Strategy

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