Super Foods

Top 10 Super Foods To Curb Your Appetite

Super Foods To Curb Your Appetite

Having a healthy appetite is good for your digestive health, but when your appetite increases day by day and you develop unhealthy eating habits, it can cause unnecessary weight gain, poor digestion and many other health problems. There are certain super-foods which are high in nutrients but low in calories, which you can include your diet to stay fuller and satisfied longer and curb your increased appetite. Foods high in fiber and water like fruits and vegetables are considered high volume foods that add bulk to your meal and help you curb your hunger. Here are top 10 foods that take longer to pass through your digestive system and help to curb hunger and stay satisfied for longer.

Here Are The Top 10 Super Foods To Curb Your Appetite:


Legumes are healthiest foods you can eat to stay satisfied longer without feeling sluggish. Pulses, beans, lentils and peas are high in soluble fibers and complex carbohydrates which your body takes time to digest. Along with this, they are chock full of nutrients like protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamin and minerals and slow burning carbs that help to slow digestion. They also improve blood sugar regulation.



Oatmeal is a good source of both soluble and insoluble fibers and carbohydrates which provided energy to your body. Eating a bowl of oatmeal will help to stay fuller longer. Oatmeal will also help you to maintain a healthy weight by increasing body’s fat burning capacity. Oatmeal contains beta-glucan, a good cholesterol buster that absorbs LDL cholesterol and excretes them. It also helps to maintain blood pressure, control diabetes by keeping blood sugar and insulin level in check.

Oatmeal (3)


Besides being good source of healthy fats, almonds are high in appetite killing fiber which can help you to curb your appetite and prevent overeating. The healthy fats help to lower cholesterol and stay heart healthy. So when you are hungry, grab a hand full of almonds and eat. It will help you to stay satisfied for longer and prevent you from eating unhealthy snacks. But stay away from eating salted, fried or sugar coated almonds.

Almonds (2)


Apples are high in fiber and polyphenols and also rich in water content that remain undigested for longer and act as friendly bacteria in your gut and outweigh that bad bacteria and restores microbial balance which provides a feeling of fullness and help you stave of overeating. The pectin contained in apples keeps blood sugar level at optimal level and curb your appetite, boosts energy level and provides essential nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.


Green Leafy Vegetables

Leafy greens are great source of fiber and water, which help to keep the stomach feel full along with providing optimal health benefits and also aids in weight loss. Abundance of fiber also helps to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and control blood sugar spike by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates into the blood stream. Use green leafy vegetables like Spinach, mustard greens, collards, kale and asparagus to make highly nutritious and satisfying meal to keep hunger at bay.

Dark Green-Leafy Vegetables


Though avocados are high in calories and fat in comparison to other fruits, but eating this fruit in moderation can help to suppress appetite and lose weight. Being good source of soluble fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids body takes sufficient time to digest avocado and provides feeling of fullness.



Eggs are good source of protein and as a result provide sustained energy and curb your appetite. Eating eggs have more satiating effect than eating any other food which have same amount of calories. Study shows that eating eggs does not raise bad cholesterol.

Eggs (2)

Sweet Potatoes

Starch contained in sweet potatoes release digestive enzymes which help them to stay in your stomach for longer, keeping you satisfied and full for longer. They are also good source of vitamin A and C which makes them a healthy choice for breakfast or any other meal. Along with working as appetite suppressant, they can reduce your sugar craving due to their natural sweetness.

Sweet Potatoes

Flaxseeds And Chia Seeds

Flaxseed and chia seed are high in soluble fiber, protein and omega -3 and omega-6 fatty acids which help to suppress appetite and help you to suppress appetite and aid in weight loss.

Flaxseeds And Chia Seeds

Cayenne Pepper

It is a common belief that spicy foods work well in suppressing appetite as they inhibit hunger hormones. Cayenne pepper can also help to stay full for longer. It also contains a fat burning compound known as capsaicin which increases metabolism which accelerates fat burning process and helps to lose weight fast. Consuming just ½ tsp. is enough to boost your metabolism and burn fat.

Cayenne Pepper

Incorporate some of these super foods in your diet to avoid over eating, and stay fit and healthy.


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