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Top 10 Tyrosine Rich Food For Your Health


Tyrosine is a type of amino acid which is very essential for the perfect growth of the human body. In fact, it is the main building block in our body safeguards us against different types of health related complications Tyrosine controls the functioning of nervous system and stimulates the formation of chemicals in brain like adrenaline and dopamine. You can get tyrosine for your body through different edible sources and other supplements available in form of medicines. Following are the top 10 tyrosine rich foods which you can consume for receiving different health benefits by improving its content in your body:-

1. Spirulina:

Spirulina is a sea weed plant whose leaves are very beneficial in offering many health benefits to its consumer due to its richness in tyrosine and other necessary nutrients. Spirulina is extremely low in cholesterol but is a rich source of panthothenic acid, magnesium and potassium content that offers utmost strength to the nerve cells of its consumer thereby increasing his or her thinking capability.


2. Soy Foods:

Soy foods also contains very high amount of tyrosine. You must include consumption of soy foods like tofu, soy protein extracts, soy nuts, soy milk and soya sauce in your daily diet plan so as to fulfill the tyrosine requirements in your body. Soy foods like soybeans contain some essential dietary fibers and protein that boosts the immunity and improves the functioning of digestive system comfortably.

Soy Foods

3. Eggs:

Egg is the excellent source of protein and is considered to be the storage box of nourishing vitamins. Many of you didn’t know that egg is also very rich in tyrosine and its 200 calorie serving deliver around 1800mg of tyrosine to the body of its consumer. You can intake raw egg with milk or can eat boil egg daily so as to maintain your fitness and stamina for a long time.


4. Beans And Grains:

Grains and beans like brown rice, millet, wild rice, oats etc are very high sources of tyrosine amino acid and offers utmost strength to the body cells. Consumption of beans like lentils, peas and kidney beans daily in a diet plan provides essential nutrient to the body which are needed for the proper body growth. Beans and grains are easily digestible therefore anyone can consume them as they don’t cause any side effect to the health of its regular consumer.

Beans And Grains

5. Fish:

Fishes are the excellent sources of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Fish also contains some essential and non essential amino acids that keeps the digestive system active and strong. Fish especially salmon fish generally contains 1770mg of tyrosine that helps in improving the cognitive and brain chemical functions. Other sea foods that you can try to get utmost tyrosine are cod fish, tuna fish and mackerel.


6. Chicken:

Chicken are also very rich in tyrosine amino acid and protein content. In fact, a study on chicken effectiveness proves that chicken 200 calorie serving provides 1600 mg of tyrosine to the body of its consumer That is why, gymnastics and body builders are always advised to consume ½ kg of chicken daily to maintain their stamina and to attain perfect body building.


7. Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are other best sources of tyrosine amino acid. Apart from this, sunflower, chia seeds and sesame seeds also offers high amount of essential amino acids including tyrosine to its consumer body. Seeds boost body metabolism and improves liver and kidney function of a person who intakes it regularly.


8. Meat:

Meat of goat and buffalo are also very rich in tyrosine amino acid and other essential nutrient needed for the healthy body. IF you consume 200 g of meat in a day then definitely your body will get 1600mg of tyrosine that will your heart healthy and will also offer you good eye health.


9. Nuts:

Nuts like peanuts and almonds are also very rich in tyrosine amino acid and works well in offering different health benefits like reducing stress, improving digestion, lowering cholesterol and boosting immunity of its regular consumer. You can also get high quantity of protein and tyrosine amino acid from other nuts as well. Flaxseeds, pistachio nuts and pine nuts also gives best quality natural tyrosine to its consumer body which helps in the production of critical brain chemicals.


10. Cheese:

Cheese contains around 1840mg of tyrosine and helps in the perfect development of overall health by improving immunity and lowering the cholesterol level of its consumer. You can find different types of cheeses like parmesan cheese, cottage cheese Swiss cheese etc which are rich in tyrosine amino acid but cottage cheese is really the most preferable cheese for keeping yourself healthy and fit.



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