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Top 10 Uses Of Neem Seeds


Top 10 Uses Of Neem Seeds

Neem tree is very useful for us. All parts of this tree can be used for various purposes like making medicines, cosmetics and other products used in our life. Neem products can be used for gardening and agriculture for killing the insects. The tree is very common in India and nearby regions. It is used in folk medicine for treating many types of diseases. Neem seed has healing and antiseptic properties. It is a natural product that nature has gifted to human beings for the betterment of our life. You can use the seed in many ways for healing many health problems that affect you. Diseases can be treated in a natural way by using the seed. It is important to know how the seed can help you in living a healthy life. We will explain some uses of neem seeds.

Following Are The Top 10 Uses Of Neem Seeds:

1. Treat Skin Diseases

Neem seed has anti-fungal properties. Thus, it is a very good remedy for skin diseases. It helps in healing psoriasis and eczema. You can use the seeds for problems like acne. Applying the seed on skin helps in curing skin dryness.

Treats Skin Problems

2. Treat Intestinal Worms

Intestinal worms are a problem for many people especially the children. Neem seed can treat this problem quite well. The folk medicine uses neem seeds for treating intestinal worms and giving relief to the affected person.

Cure Intestinal Worms

3. Prevent Malaria

Neem seed is very useful for preventing malaria. Put crushed neem seeds around your house in areas where the mosquitoes are likely to sit. The mosquitoes are repelled by the smell of neem seeds. It is a good way to protect yourself from malaria.

Treats Malaria

4. Treat Cuts and Burns

You can heal cuts and burns by using the neem seed extract. Since neem has antiseptic properties, it helps in a faster healing of wounds and cuts. Apply the extract on affected area and wait for the wound to heal.

Treats Skin Burn

5. Treat Pigmentation

Oil extracted from neem seeds help in treating pigmentation of skin. It reduces melanin pigment in the skin thus treating darkness and pigmentation of skin. Using the oil helps in getting fair skin. The skin becomes clear and blemish free when you apply the neem seed oil.

skin pigmentation

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6. Treat Eye and Ear Infections

Eyedrops made with neem seed extract helps in treating eye infections. It is very good for the eyes. Similarly, you can use neem eardrops for treating ear infection. Put the eardrop in ear for an early treatment of infection caused by microorganisms.

For ears and eyes

7. Treat Leprosy

Leprosy is a major disease that can affect the movements and life of the patients. The neem seed is useful for treating this problem. Both neem seed as well as its oil are very effective in the treatment of leprosy.

Neem Oil

8. Improves Immunity

Neem seeds help in improving immunity thus protecting us from diseases and infections caused by bacteria and virus. It improves the health of our immune system. The seed is very useful for boosting immunity in patients who suffer from malaria.

Immune System

9. Treat Dandruff

Dandruff is a common hair problem for many of us. The neem seed helps in getting rid of dandruff. Apply the oil on your scalp. It will make the scalp healthy while treating dryness and itching. Dandruff will be cured by using the neem oil.

Eliminating Dandruff

10. Hair Care

The neem seed is used for making hair care products like shampoo. Washing hair with neem oil shampoo makes the hair healthy while treating many types of hair problems. Thus, neem seed is a natural hair care solution.

hair care

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