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Top 10 Ways To Curb Your Appetite Post Workout

Top 10 Ways To Curb Your Appetite Post Workout

Doing exercise is very important for us. It helps in improving our health and preventing many types of diseases. The only problem with this is that people feel very hungry after doing workout especially if it involves lot of hard work, strain and sweating. This makes us eat more amount of food. Most people take high calorie foods after exercises, which only increases the weight instead of giving us workout benefits. Our appetite increases after an exercise session. You need to control your appetite and the habit of eating unhealthy foods post workout if you want to improve your health. We will explain how you can do this through some easy ways and tricks. Following are the top 10 ways to curb your appetite post workout.

Drink Water

Lack of water causes dehydration and people eat food after exercises due to this. Athletes and people who do exercises should increase the intake of water. Drink water before and during the exercises. You should drink water after you finish the exercises.

Drinking Water

Drink Milk

Drinking milk right after the exercise helps in controlling appetite and preventing overeating. It is a very good recovery food that helps in removing tiredness and fatigue caused by hard exercises. Choose low fat milk made with skmimmed milk.

drinking milk

Take Meal After The Workout

Take your meal after you finish the workout. Excessive hunger is curbed by taking meals after half an hour of doing a workout. It will prevent you from taking high calorie and fatty foods right after exercise thus controlling the appetite.

Take Regular Meals

Restrict Calorie Intake

Don’t take high calorie foods after finishing the exercises. Fatty and high calorie foods increase the body weight and nullify all the gains of exercising. Thus, avoid taking such foods. Stick to low calorie fat free foods as post workout snacks. You can eat apple or carrot after the workout.


Do Weight Bearing Exercises

Overeating after workout and an increased hunger can be controlled by doing weight bearing exercises. You can do rope jumping after the workout session. It will help in suppressing the appetite after doing exercises.

Do Weight Lifting

Continue Activities Post Workout

Many people do intense exercise and then take a long rest doing nothing. Avoid doing this. Continue doing physical activities even after the exercises are finished. You can do squatting and stair climbing. Take the dog for walks. It will prevent weight gain caused by eating.

deep squat

Take Pre-Workout Snacks

When you sweat and exert in workout without eating anything before it, it causes tiredness, fatigue and lack of energy that forces you to eat more after the exercise. Thus, always eat something before a workout session. It is beneficial to eat fruits as pre-workout snacks.

Quick snack

Take Healthy Foods

An increased appetite and the weight gain caused by it can be prevented by eating healthy foods after the exercise session. Take foods that contain carbohydrate and protein. You can take yogurt made with skimmed milk. Add fruits and berries to yogurt for an improved taste.

Yogurt (5)

Chew Gum

Cravings for sweet food after doing exercises are a common occurrence. It is possible to control this problem by chewing gum post workout. It will increase your energy levels while acting like an appetite suppressant. Choose sugar free gum with very less amount of calories.

Benefits Of Chewing Gums

Take A Nap

Sleeping or taking a nap after the workout session helps in controlling the appetite. When we don’t get enough sleep, the hormonal disturbances in our body make us do overeating by incerasing the appetite. Thus, you should take a nap after finishing the exercises.

Sleep with the right materials

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