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Top 11Household Uses Of Common Salt

Common Salt
Like the presence of god in every particle around, so is salt a basic element of everything in the world. Salt is extracted from our oceans and seas and even the underground surfaces. China is the largest producer of this element, followed by United states. Salt is made up of sodium and chlorine. Even the word ‘salary’ is derived from salt.
Nothing tastes good without the use of salt. But it should be consumed only in the quantity required by the body. Nature has given it to us in ample quantities, we can use it for a lot of purposes apart from being used as a taste enhancer. A few daily uses of salt are.

Top 11 Household Uses Of Common Salt:

Body Aches

Soak yourself in a tub of salt water if the body is having aches and pains. A salt water steam is as refreshing. Enema of salt water or a salty lemon water intake in the morning is beneficial for constipation.

Body Aches


The tears in our eyes which clean up the dirt is actually salt water. So if your eyes are tired and aching just splash it up with cold salt water.

Healthy Eyes

Pimples And Acne

Add salt to ginger juice and put it on the affected areas and go off to sleep. Wash the face with warm salt water 2-3 time a day and wipe it slowly with a towel. Pimples will vanish soon. Intake of cucumber and carrots is very good for eradicating pimples.

Cures Acne And Pimples

Dog bite

Mix salt in a paste of crushed garlic and apply it on the areas where the dog has bitten, it is said to be very effective. Doctors advice should be taken.

Dog bite

Itching And Prickly Heat

A salt water bath can be very soothing for itchy skin. If you are suffering from ‘prickly’ heat, add salt and lemon to fresh juices and soups and drink it regularly, to overcome this problem.

Itching And Prickly Heat


Mix mustard and salt in equal quantities and grind them to a paste. Warm this paste and apply it to the areas of pain and cover it with a cloth bandage. Massaging the affected area with sesame oil in which salt has been added, is also known to provide relief from pain.

Prevents arthritis

A Sore Throat, Congestion And Swelling

Gargling with salt water is beneficial for a sore throat.Honey can be added for extra benefits. Adding salt to warm clarified butter and massaging the chest with it brings relief from congestion.

 Throat Infection


Heat clarified butter and add a little salt. Apply this paste on the wound on intervals for quick healing.

Ideal For Wounds,
Cleaning Agents

Soaking clothes in salt water before washing, helps in removing stains faster, salt water is also helpful in removing marks and dirt from utensils, oven, glass and can be used to clean all other surfaces.


Cooking time is lessened when salt is added to it, peeled fruits do not get discolor when we add salt to them. Even milk stays longer if a pinch of salt is added. In fact, people add salt to tea, coffee, and coke for that extra taste.


Teeth And Mouth

Mix soda and salt and rub it on your teeth to remove yellow marks and stains from the upper layer of the teeth.For teeth sensitivity, massage mustard oil mixed with salt to the teeth. Salt water gargle is good for disinfecting the teeth, to keep worms at bay.For treating mouth ulcers, apply a paste of yellow mustard and salt to the affected part, and leave it for all impurities to flow out. Apply this at least 2-3 times for relief. Also bad breath, smelly mouth are also treated by salt mouthwashes.

Teeth And Mouth

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