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Top 12 Diet Tips For Eyes


Top 12 Diet Tips For Eyes

Healthy eyes are a gift of god as they would allow us to view everything in the world. So, you need to take care of them. There are several foods which are helpful for maintaining your eye health. Also, a new research study has revealed that what you eat could affect your vision. So, following a healthy diet is essential to improve your eye health and protect your eye from sight-threatening diseases.

Here Are The Top 12 Diet Tips For Eyes:

Leafy Green Vegetables:

Leafy green vegetables are a great source of antioxidants-lutein as well as zeaxanthin; both of these plant pigments which are essential to prevent eye diseases. Few studies have mentioned that people who include leafy green veggies in their diet are less prone to eye problems such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Kale, spinach, collard greens, mustard greens etc. are a great source of plant-based antioxidants and consuming them helps boost your eye health.

Dark Green-Leafy Vegetables


Eggs are a good source of protein. Eggs contain nutrients including vitamin A and lutein. Both these nutrients help prevent dry eyes as well as night blindness and help promote the functioning of the eyes. Also, zinc found in eggs could help in lowering the risks of age-related macular degeneration. Consume an egg regularly, preferably boiled as it is beneficial for your eye health.

Eggs (2)

Berries And Citrus Fruits:

Berries and citrus fruits contain a bunch of antioxidants which could help promote eye health by preventing the free radical damage. Both these fruits are the powerhouse of vitamin C and could help in reducing the risks of developing cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Raspberries, oranges, tart cherries, grapefruits, strawberries, lemons etc. are a great source of vitamin C and including them in your diet could provide a good dose of vitamin C which is essential for your eye health.

Citrus Fruits


Carrots are essential for promoting your eye health. They are rich in antioxidants and contain a good amount of vitamin A and C. Drinking a glass of fresh carrot juice regularly could help in improving your eyesight. Consume it regularly as it could help in reducing the risks of developing several eye diseases.



Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and pistachios are loaded with a good dose of vitamin E and omega 3s as well. Both these nutrients are essential for the eye health. Add them to your smoothies and salads to reap all the health benefits of these nuts.

Nuts and seeds


Tomatoes are innately packed with carotenoids and it contains lycopene as well. Research studies have revealed that the lycopene found in the ocular tissues help in protecting the retina and other parts of the eye from light-induced damage. Also, tomatoes contain vitamin C, another vital vitamin for protecting your eyes. Fresh tomatoes, when consumed with a little extra virgin olive oil, helps in boosting the absorption of the lycopene and is considered good for your eye health.



Lentils, kidney beans etc. are excellent sources of zinc and bioflavonoids. Both these compounds help in protecting our retina and reducing the risks of developing cataracts as well as macular degeneration. So, include legumes in your regular diet for enhancing your eyesight.


Sunflower Seeds:

Sunflower seeds are essential in keeping your eyes healthy and free from eye diseases. They contain a good amount of vitamin E as well as zinc. So, snack on a few sunflower seeds as it could provide you with all the nutrients that are essential for the healthy eyes.

Sunflower seeds


Consuming cold water fish varieties such as salmon, mackerel etc. are good for your eye health as they contain a good amount of omega 3s. In fact, omega-3 fatty acids are essential healthy fats which help in protecting your eyes from several eye diseases. So, include such fish varieties in your diet to protect your eyes from age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eyes etc. Moreover, you can get omega 3s from fish oil supplements as well.

Fatty Fishes

Sweet Potatoes:

The dark-hued sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene which is beneficial for your eye health. Consuming sweet potato frequently could help in improving the health of your eyes.

Sweet Potatoes

Wheat Germ:

Wheat germ is considered an amazing source of vitamin E, which is an essential antioxidant that helps in protecting your eyes from the harmful free radical damage. The vitamin E in wheat germ helps in decreasing the progression of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Include wheat germ in your yogurt salads; mix it in your smoothies, or sprinkle it on your oatmeal to get all its eye-health enhancing benefits.



Broccoli is an excellent cruciferous vegetable which is a must add-on to your diet when it comes to boosting your eye health. Broccoli contains lutein, zeaxanthin as well, both of which are antioxidant carotenoids essential for improving your eyesight. Also, it contains a plenty amount of vitamin C as well. Consuming broccoli frequently could help in protecting your eyes from vision loss as well as age-related macular degeneration.



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