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Top 12 Natural Remedies To Control Nosebleeds


Nosebleeds can be the result of the summer heat, constipation, tampering with the nose, inflammation of the nasal lining, or any kind of injury to the nose. Nosebleeds should be taken care by a medical specialist if it is not stopped in 20 minutes, or if it keeps recurring. Crying in children often makes the condition worse. If the bleeding stops, remedial measures have to be undertaken to disallow it from recurring. Never tilt the head back if the nose bleeds as it would cause the blood to trickle into the stomach through the mouth and cause vomiting.

Here Are Natural Remedies To Control Nosebleeds-

1. Finger And Thumb Method

Use your finger and thumb to pinch the nose and shut the soft part.[1] Keeping pinching it for 10 minutes, and pressing the cartilage often stops the bleeding as it is the place from where the bleeding starts. Usually the stops after 10 minutes and if it does not re-apply pressure and pinch the nose for another 10 minutes. Breathe through the mouth all this while.

Finger And Thumb Method

2. Tilt The Head

The posture should be straight and the head should be tilted forward a bit as this allows all the extra blood to trickle out.[2] Tilting back increases complication as the blood gets swallowed and reaches the abdomen causing vomiting sensations.

Tilt The Head

3. Coin Method

Keeping a coin between your tongue and the roof of the mouth for a few minutes helps in stopping the bleeding.[3]

Coin Method

4. Coin Method 2

We can also stick the coin between the upper teeth and the tongue of the mouth to stop the bleeding. Hold it for a few minutes and the bleeding minimises and then stops altogether.[4]

5. Ice/ Popsicle Method

Keeping a few cubes of ice in the mouth so that they are in contact with the roof of the mouth, helps in stopping the bleeding. Sucking a popsicle also helps.[5]

Ice Method

6. Ice Compress

A cold compress applied over the nose is also said to control the bleeding.[6] The bleeding is usually said to be caused by the body heat or environment heat and helps ice brings about a soothing effect and controls the flow of bleeding. If the body temperature gets lowered, the bleeding tends to stop.

Ice Compress

7. Cold Water

Though this method seems very odd, but dipping the hands in cold water for a few minutes will help in bringing down the body temperature, which will constrict the flow of blood and control the bleeding.[7]

Cold Water

8. Cold Metal

Though this is a folk remedy coming from Europe, it seems very effective in controlling a nose bleed. A large pair of metal keys put down the back of the neck helps in controlling bleeding and relieving the patient.[8] We can also use a pair of scissors, a cold metal knife, or even a piece of ice on the patients back to give relief from the bleeding.

Cold Metal

9. Method Therapy

This is yet another folk remedy in which a metal knife or keys are placed on the person’s chest suffering from the nose bleed. This helps in controlling the bleeding and gives the patient relief.[9]

10. Clarified Butter

This is an Indian folk remedy in which clarified butter is smeared on the inner lining of the nose to stop the bleeding. It is said that this remedy stops the bleeding immediately.

Clarified Butter

11. Paper

Take a paper and place it beneath the upper lip for a while.[10] This method is yet again effective in controlling a nose bleed.


12. Stop Smoking

A person who is experiencing bouts of nose bleeds should completely abstain from smoking for this period. Smoking further irritates the nasal passages and aggravates the condition of a nosebleed.

Stop Smoking


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