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Top 15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Peanuts


Benefits Of Peanuts

Toss it up in salads, spread it on your bread or just pop them as a munchie, peanuts have benefits galore. Always eaten and used as nuts, these are actually members of the legume family. Peanuts are annual plants that are grown for commercial cultivation purposes all around the world. The plants are usually about a feet high and for obtaining the peanut pods, the whole plant with roots has to be dug out of the soil. Peanut oil is very popular for cooking in India. They seem quite similar to almonds and cashew nuts, but are very economical as compared to these pricey nuts. But the health benefits of peanuts are quite comparable to these rich counterparts. Peanuts are known to cause allergies to some people hence one should be careful if you are susceptible to allergies.

Let Us Explore The Health Benefits Of Peanuts :

Energy –

These are a rich source of energy and contain vitamins, minerals, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and antioxidants which are necessary for the body. Due to its high energy supply, peanut is popular with athletes and sportspersons who include it as a part of their high nutrition power diets.

Boosts Energy

Cholesterol –

The consumption of peanuts on a daily basis can maintain healthy cholesterol levels. The MUFA or mono-saturated fats help lower the LDL(bad cholesterol) and increase the HDL( good cholesterol) of the body. The blood lipid profile of the body is also maintained by these mono-saturated fats.

Lowers Cholesterol

Stomach Cancer –

Peanuts contain polyphenolic antioxidants called p-coumaric which have been known to fight the free formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines. These are the toxins that can lead to stomach cancer.


Heart Diseases –

Resveratrol is a polyphenolic antioxidant which maintains the proper working of blood vessels and prevents their contraction and hence reduces stroke effect. Also, the MUFAs help in reducing the risk of coronary and heart ailments.

Heart Problems

Nervous System –

Resveratrol is a powerful compound which protects the nervous system of the body. Fatal diseases like Alzheimer’s and nervous system degeneration can be tackled with this compound that is present in peanuts.

Healthy Nervous System

Skin –

The skin elasticity and youthfulness is maintained with the regular intake of peanuts.Peanuts are a very good source of vitamin E which protects the skin from the harmful free radicals.

Combination Skin

Colon Cancer-

The regular intake of peanuts is said to reduce the instance of colon cancer in women by 58% and in men by 27%.

Colon Cleanser

Hair Loss-

The vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids present in peanuts help in promoting hair growth and prevents loss of hair by strengthening the hair follicles.The I-arginine present in these nuts helps in treating male baldness.

Prevents Hair Loss


The antioxidant powers of peanuts increases manifold by boiling them and can they help to fight the cancer cells, and  keep allergies and infections at bay.

Avoid Allergens And Smoking

Growth –

Manganese, calcium, zinc, iron are all vital for the growth of the body. These protein-rich legumes are rich in these minerals and contain amino acids to boost the growth, development and repair of the body.

Growth and Development

Gallstones –

Diseases of the gall bladder and gall stones has been known to reduce by 25% with the regular intake of peanuts. We can munch it as a healthy snack or even smear peanut butter on our bread for breakfast. It will give us added energy to be geared up all day.

Gallstones Remedies

Weight Gain –

People who munch peanuts frequently or include peanut recipes in their diets are less likely to gain weight, as opposed to individuals who never consume them.

Faulty weight loss programs

Blood Sugar –

Eating peanuts every day can improve the blood sugar glucose levels and blood lipids in the body. Tha carbohydrates are replaced by vegetable fats and vegetable protein and the metabolism is strengthed to keep these fatal diseases at bay.

Diet and maintain your blood sugar level

Fertility –

Peanuts are highly nutritious for pregnant women as they are rich sources of folic acid and have been known to reduce the risk of neural defects and asthma conditions in the baby.



Peanuts is rich in a compound called tryptophan which helps in maintaining the proper levels of sertonin. Serotonin is the chemical released from the brain that regulates the mood swings and helps to ward off deporession.



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