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Top 15 Awesome Health Benefits Of Iced Tea

Awesome Health Benefits Of Iced Tea

Iced tea is the perfect beverage for those sweaty summer months. Refreshing and tasty, iced tea have numerous benefits for the body, apart from making you feel fresh. If you are on a lookout for a substitute for sodas and  sweetened drinks, unsweetened or naturally sweetened iced tea should be your take. It is best to steer clear of sugars, but if you must, then add a little raw honey or fresh fruit slices like berries of your choice.

The Benefits Of Iced Tea Are Discussed As-


The debate over whether we should drink hot tea or iced tea has been going on for long but researchers say that the antioxidants in iced tea do not reduce due to freezing. So iced tea too supplies antioxidants and flavonoids in the same amount as the warm tea.


Sun Damage

These antioxidants help in protecting the body against free radical damage from the UV rays of the sun.

Sunlight Exposure


Using iced tea as a toner for the face helps in treating the tired tissues of the face. On regular use as a face wash or toner, the  flavonoids protect the skim and reduce lines and wrinkles.



The intake of iced tea helps in burning more calories in the body which keeps weight in control.


Also, iced tea itself has very less calories to add in extra fat to the body.


Drinking iced tea refreshes the tired and fatigued body, and fills it with energy to perform all functions well. It is low in calories and helps in keeping the stomach fuller by satiating appetite. Even the blood sugars levels are said to be in control, the body burns more calories and due to the good levels of metabolism, the weight count is also under control with the regular intake of iced tea.

Improved Metabolism

Glucose Levels

Drinking green tea several times a day can keep the glucose levels in control. The excessive absorption of sugar into the blood is inhibited by the intake of green tea and insulin levels are kept under check. With glucose levels in control, the weight also does not tend to spike high.

Managing Glucose Levels


Drinking iced tea, helps in restoring the level of hydration in the body which is lost due to heat, workout, overwork or fatigue. It keeps the body hydrated without adding extra calories to the body.



The intake of unsweetened iced tea has known to reduce the instance of fractures in the bones. Flavonoids protect the bones against injury.

Boost Bone Health

Muscle Power

The wear and tear of the muscles and injury due to workout is reduced with the intake of icef tea.The antioxidants in the tea help to lower the blood pressure and boost more fat burning which helps in the formation of muscles.

Build Muscles

Replaces The Bad Carbs

The intake of sodas and sugary drink might temporarily give energy to the body.

Replaces The Bad Carbs

So if we feel thirsty and energy drained, it is best to go for homemade iced tea which does not contain any extra carbohydrates.


Iced tea helps in treating the symptoms of a hangover fast and quick. The flavonoids in tea help in fighting the hangover symptoms and the water in it restore hydration into the dehydrated cells and tissues and helps returning into normal schedules easily.



This tea has high amounts of manganese which is vital for tissue and cell growth and development. It helps in faster healing of wounds and protects the bones and muscles against injury.

Sore Muscles


Iced green tea is excellent for cavity protection as it contains fluorides that provide protection against germs that can corrode the teeth and lead to cavities.


Treats Tiredness And Fatigue

Not only does iced tea have health benefits, it helps in refreshing the body and alleviates fatigue.Its cooling effect is extremely rejuvenating to the mind and body.

Tired Feeling

Puffiness Of The Eyes

Iced tea can be applied to the under eye region to reduce its puffiness and soreness. A cloth soaked in iced tea can be applied to this area to help in relaxing the delicate tissues in this area.

Reduces Puffiness

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