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Top 15 Benefits Of Pomelo Fruit

Benefits Of Pomelo Fruit

Pomelo fruit is prominently known as the Chinese grapefruit. The fruit is scientifically called Citrus maxima, because it is large in size and also known as ancient member of the citrus grapefruit family. Pomelo fruit is basically grown in China and in South East Asia. It has various colors as yellow, red, pink and mainly grown in tropical climate. The weight of pomelo fruit is about 20 pounds and is sweet like orange, tartly like grapefruit, tangy like tangerine and full of juice.

The pomelo fruit has surprisingly numerous health benefits because it contains nutritional values like folic acid, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, healthy fat, protein fiber, dietary fiber, antioxidants and enzymes.

The Health Benefits Of Pomelo Fruit Are-

Controls Urinary Tract Infection

Pregnant women commonly suffer from urinary tract bacterial infection, by consuming pomelo fruit, bacterial level is reduced and it controls swelling because it contains vitamin C which increases the acid level in urine.

Urinary Tract Infection

Healthy Heart

The amazing fruit controls blood pressure and reduces hypertension because it contains potassium. It also increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol content.

Heart health

Weight Loss

Pomelo fruit has great source of vitamin C and enzymes which favorably reduces fat. One cup of pomelo juice contain 75 calorie and should be included in diet.

Faulty weight loss programs

Anti Ageing

High proportion of Antioxidants present in pomelo fruit helps to fight free radicals which are responsible for ageing.


Prevents Anemia

Patients suffering from anemia are advised to intake iron supplements. Many medical studies have stated that vitamin C enhances the assimilation of iron in the body. That’s the reason; it is advisable to drink pomelo fruit juice regularly with iron supplements.


Healthy Hair

Pomelo fruit is extremely beneficial for hair and hair related problems. The fruit is responsible for healthy growth of thick and strong hair because it contains Vitamin A, B1, C , zinc, sulphur, calcium and iron. It fights with dandruff and prevents hair fall because it is high in water content and antioxidants which hydrates and moisturize the scalp, soothes the skin of the scalp and problem of hair fall.

Promotes Hair Health

Prevents Osteoporosis

Pomelo fruit reduces the symptom of loss of bone density and causes of fracture. This happens due deficiency of calcium.

Effective in osteoporosis

Younger Looking Skin

Pomelo fruit is responsible for skin look young and healthy and reduces wrinkles. This amazing fruit cures many skin problems like pimples and acne and reduces pigmentation.

Combination Skin

Cures Constipation

Pomelo fruit helps in digesting the food properly due to present of abundant of dietary fiber. It eases the bowl movement and cures constipation.


Cures Cold And Flu

Pomelo fruit increases immunity and avoids cold and flu. The vitamin C in pomelo fruit provides antibiotics that fight with virus and bacteria responsible for common cold and flu in respiratory tract.

Colds And Flu

Fights Cancer

Pomelo fruit fights breast, intestinal and pancreatic cancer. The fruit contain abundant of antioxidants and bioflavonoid. It eliminates excess of estrogen and prevents the cancer from spreading. It also prevents from colon cancer because the fruit is rich in fiber.


Medicinal Properties

The fruit has many medicinal properties, it eliminates hang over effects, reduces swelling and sores. Arthritic pains are minimized when applied in effected part.

Improves Immune System

Pomelo fruit is improves immunity in the body. It reduced stress, it fights with cold, cough, fever and pneumonia and other lung complication if consumed regularly.

Immune System

Promotes Healing Of Wounds

Pomelo fruit has collagen and protein, which has the ability to repair damaged skin and repair wounds. The dead tissues are also replaced by healthy tissues.


Healthy Gums

Pomelo fruit repairs teeth and gums efficiently. The fruit contains vitamin C which develops collagen and also has protein.

Good For Oral Health

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