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Top 15 Exercise Tips For Healthy Living

Top 15 Exercise Tips For Healthy Living

We can lead a happy and productive life only if we are healthy. Health is not only the absence of disease but also a state of peaceful balance between body and mind. Diseases are very common today with more and more people suffering from some or the other health problem.

Eating healthy food helps in improving health. Apart from diet, exercise also helps you in staying healthy and fit. Regular exercise is necessary for every person. It protects you from many diseases. Lack of exercise and sedentary life causes many health problems. We will give you some exercise tips here. Following are the top 15 exercise tips for healthy living.

Top 15 Exercise Tips For Healthy Living:

Set Goals

Setting fitness goals is the first step of starting an exercise plan. Decide why you want to exercise and what goals you want to achieve. Do you want to exercise for losing weight or becoming more fit? Keep your goals in mind so that you don’t lose interest in exercise. Reward yourself when you achieve your goals.

Set Goals

Consult  A Doctor

It is not good to start doing exercises suddenly especially if you have some health problem. Patients who suffer from some disease should do exercise only after consulting a doctor. You doctor will recommend you the best exercises. Do the exercises very slowly.

Consult your doctor

Find Workout Friend

People who exercise alone lose motivation and stop doing exercises. Exercising with a friend is the solution to this problem. Make a group of people who will exercise together and inspire each other. Ask your friends if they will accompany you in morning walks and gym exercises.

Find Workout Friend

Walking And Stair Climbing

Walking is the best exercise for healthy living. When you go to your office or market, stop your vehicle before the destination and walk for rest of distance. Walking can be done anywhere. Don’t use the lift in buildings. Climb the stairs instead. It is a natural way of doing exercise.


Avoid Continuous Sitting

Sitting continuously in front of computer or television is not good for you. People who have to work in office on desk for long hours should take frequent breaks. Do walking in this break. Go outside the office and soak in sun and fresh air.

Avoid Continuous Sitting

Do Regular Exercise

It is not good to miss exercises. Some people start on an exercise plan but soon leave it in the middle. Regular exercise for half an hour daily is necessary for everyone. Do the exercise for minimum five days per week. If you can’t give half an hour for exercise, break it into three short sessions of ten minutes each.


Don’t Find Excuses

Stop finding excuses to miss the exercises. People give many reasons for not doing exercises. Some say they are too fat to exercise. Some say they don’t have exercise equipment and time for exercise. Don’t make any excuse to miss your workout stick to your workouts with a firm resolve.

Exercise Types

You can do many types of exercises for improving your health. Cardiovascular exercises, strength training and weight lifting are good exercises. You can do running, jogging, swimming, cycling and dancing. Some people benefit by doing yoga. Stay active by doing gardening, sports and housework.


Natural Activities

If there is lack of enough time for exercises, try increasing your physical activities naturally. You can take your dog for a walk outdoors. Walk along with your kids. If you have a local market in your neighborhood, take a walk around it. Walk while talking on the mobile phone. Do exercise while watching television.

Go Outdoors

Cold Treatment

Many people fear exercise due to the pain that occurs after workouts. It is easy to solve this problem by taking bath with cold water after doing exercise. Another good option is adding ice cubes in the bathwater. It will give relief to sore muscles and cure pain.

Hot Or Cold Compresses

Fight Fatigue

Fatigue is the most common problem experienced by people who do exercise. Drink beetroot juice for improving your stamina. Listen to music while doing exercises. Music helps in improving the performance and curing fatigue caused by exercise.

Record adrenal fatigue

Learning Right Technique

Many people do exercise without knowing the right method of doing it. It increases the risk of injury. Learn the right method of doing an exercise from the instructor in the gym or personal trainer. You can learn exercises from DVD.

Exercise Without Equipment

It is not necessary to join a gym for doing exercises. You can do exercise at home very easily without any equipment. Learn some home workouts from a physiotherapist or home exercise DVDs. You can do exercise while sitting on chair and sofa.


Take Rest

If you feel pain while doing exercise, it is sign that there is something wrong. Stop doing the exercise and take rest until the pain is healed. Don’t do exercise if you feel tiredness. Take treatment for muscle soreness.

Take Rest

Taking Photos

Many times, we lose motivation to do exercise when we find that our weight is the same even after doing workouts. Click your photos and see how you look. See if you have gained or lost weight. See if you look better or worse than before. Take photos every week. Click photos from all body angles and compare the pictures taken at different times.

Taking Photos

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