Top 15 Health Benefits Of Bramley Apple


Health Benefits Of Bramley Apple

Bramley apple is a fresh variety of apples that are round in shape and are less uniform than the normal apples. They have a reddish hue and a uniform green color with a fresh moist white flesh. Bramley apples contain more than 20 kinds of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron, vitamins A, B, C etc. This super fruit is often added to several desserts, sauces, crumbles, and savory dish varieties. It has a healthy dose of nutrients and is often used to treat several ailments. Bramley apples offer a bunch of health benefits as well.

Below Is The List Of The Top 15 Health Benefits Of Bramley Apple:

Protects From Brain Cell Damage:

Eating Bramley apple regularly is considered good for your cellular health. Few studies have mentioned that Bramley apples contain antioxidants that help combat free radical damage. An active phytonutrient component known as quercetin in Bramley apples help in promoting cellular health.

Sharpens Your Brain

Reduces Cholesterol:

Bramley apples contain healthy amounts of fiber which helps in cleansing the body of the LDL cholesterol. It contains pectin that helps lower the cholesterols by lowering the insulin secretion. Consuming Bramley apples regularly help in reducing the cholesterol and keeps cardiovascular disorders at bay.

Lowers Cholesterol

Prevents Cancer:

Few studies have mentioned that Bramley apples contain anti-carcinogenic compounds that help prevent certain forms of cancer. The antioxidants in this incredible fruit help in combating the free radicals which might cause cancer.

Prevents Cancer

Treats Acne:

Bramley apple juice and mallow tea are an excellent combination used to treat acne. Use this concoction as a face wash. It is an emollient and helps in healing the pimples, acne, and zits. It even helps hydrate and protect your skin from skin diseases and other bacterial infections.


For Healthy Heart:

Bramley apple contains healthy amounts of fiber that helps lower the cholesterol and is considered good for your heart health. The skin of the Bramley apple contains phenolic compounds that help prevent the thickening of the artery walls, thus protecting from several heart disorders.

Heart health

Good For Oral Health:

Eating a Bramley apple helps in triggering saliva stimulation which can further help prevent tooth decay and reduce the oral bacteria growth.

Good For Oral Health

Prevents Diabetes:

Bramley apples contain good amounts of natural sugars. They are high in fiber which helps in lowering the risks of blood sugar spikes and other related health issues. Consuming Bramley apple regularly helps in lowering the risks of type-2 diabetes.


Prevents IBS:

Consuming foods high in fiber can help in preventing IBS and its symptoms such as constipation, bloating etc. Hence, include Bramley apple in your diet regularly to prevent and cure IBS.


Prevents The Risks Of Developing Parkinson’s:

Parkinson’s often damages the brain cells due to the failure of the dopamine-producing nerve cells in the brain. Including fruits such as a Bramley apple in the diet can help in preventing the risks of Parkinson’s due to the presence of fiber and potent antioxidants that help in inducing the production of dopamine.


Prevents Gallstones:

Excess cholesterol in the bile solidifies and leads to the formation of gallstones. Bramley apples contain great amounts of fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol and regularly consuming it can help in preventing gallstones.

Gallstones Remedies

Prevents Diarrhea:

A diet high in fiber can help in easing the bowel movements. Consuming fiber-rich foods such as Bramley apple can help in absorbing the excess water from stool and helps prevent diarrhea.


Revitalizes Skin Tissues:

Bramley apples contain compounds that help in nourishing the skin and improve your skin tone. You can prepare Bramley apple mask and apply on your skin to experience these results. Also, Bramley apple juice contains healthy components that help revitalize skin tissues on your face, neck, abdomen etc. Apply Bramley apple juice on the skin, leave it for a few minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Fresher Skin

Aids In Weight Loss:

Consuming Bramley apple can provide you a healthy dose of fiber which can keep you full for a longer time. This prevents overeating and can help in reducing weight.

Faulty weight loss programs

Good For Digestion:

Bramley apples contain healthy amounts of nutrients and fiber good for your digestive health. Drinking a glass of refreshing Bramley juice helps digestion and even strengthens the intestinal mucosa. It helps strengthen the intestinal flora. It even shows a great benefit on the liver.

Aids Digestion

Heals Wounds:

If you have burns or wounds, then simply apply applesauce prepared from the Bramley apples. The pulp of this amazing fruit has antiseptic properties and other helpful compounds that prevent the growth of the bacteria on your wound. For effective results, apply a cream with arnica.



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