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Top 15 Lifestyle Tips To Avoid Diabetes

When the pancreas in our body doesn’t function properly, there is less production of insulin or failure in responding to it. Due to this, we can’t utilize the sugar present in food. Because of this, the blood sugar levels become very high. This condition is known as diabetes. Medical treatment is very important for diabetes. Diet and exercise are necessary to control the symptoms. The lifestyle of a person plays a major role in causing the health problem. We will explain some lifestyle changes for preventing the condition. It involves including some dietary habits, exercise and lifestyle tips in your daily life.

Following Are The Top 15 Lifestyle Tips To Avoid Diabetes:

1. Get Testing Done

Many people suffer from diabetes without knowing about it. Thus, get regular tests done for checking blood sugar levels. Apart from this, you should also check the blood pressure and cholesterol.

Get Testing Done

2. Take A Healthy Diet

You should take healthy foods that contain essential nutrients. Include fruits and vegetables as a part of balanced diet. Eat foods and whole grains that contain fiber in it.

healthy foods for the teens

3. Take Foods With Less Salt

Foods that contain high salt in it increase the risk of hypertension in diabetic people. Thus, avoid salty foods. Eat foods with less amount of salt. Choose freshly made homemade foods.

Take Foods With Less Salt

4. Take Foods With Less Sugar

Take foods with less amount of sugar. Avoid pastries, puddings, desserts, toffee, candy and chocolates. Make fat free desserts without or with very less sugar.


5. Take Low Fat Foods

Avoid all types of fatty foods like chips, pizza, burgers and fried foods. Choose foods with less amount of fat. Avoid saturated fats. Instead of that, use unsaturated fats. Eat foods with healthy fats and oils.

Take Low Fat Foods

6. Take Sugarless Drinks

Colas, soft drinks, and fruit juices contain a high amount of sugar in it. Avoid all types of sugary drinks. Drink plain water instead of that. Take tea and coffee without adding sugar in it.

Take Sugar-Free Drinks

7. Eat Spices

Include spices in your diet. Spices like cinnamon can help in reducing the blood sugar levels. Add it while cooking or sprinkle on top of food after cooking. Use other spices like turmeric and black pepper.

Eat Spices

8. Choose Low Glycemic Index Foods

Foods with high glycemic index (GI) can cause diabetes. Thus, avoid such foods. Choose foods that have low glycemic index value. Avoid donuts, bagels, and potatoes. Take brown bread and brown rice.

Take Regular Meals

9. Control Your Weight

Obesity increases the risk of diabetes. Thus, you should control the weight. Consult a doctor or dietitian for methods to lose weight through diet. Learn exercises from a fitness trainer.

Weight loss

10. Do Regular Exercise

You should do regular exercise. Increase your physical activities and do exercise. Do brisk walking for thirty minutes daily. Also, do cardiovascular exercises like swimming and cycling.

Do Regular Exercises

11. Check For Injuries

People who suffer from diabetes often have infection and injuries that take a long time to heal. Check your body parts especially the feet for injuries and scars. Take treatment for cuts and sores.

Check For Injuries

12. Quit Alcohol

Control the amount of alcohol you take daily. The best option is to avoid alcohol completely. Reduce the intake of alcohol slowly until you are able to quit in fully.

Quit Alcohol

13. Control Stress

Control stress and lead a peaceful tension free life. Meditation is very good for lowering the stress. You can also do yoga for this. Learn stress management techniques.

Keeps Away Stress And Anxiety

14. Get Good Sleep

When you don’t sleep well, you are more likely to do overeating during the daytime and it can cause diabetes. Thus, you should sleep well at night.

Sleep Well

15. Quit Smoking

Smoking causes various diabetes symptoms like poor blood circulation and infection. Diabetes increases the risk of amputation and nervous system disease. Thus, quit smoking and tobacco completely.

Quit Smoking

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