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Top 15 Spices And Herbs That Aid In Weight Loss

Weight loss is a constant thing of worry amongst all individuals with people trying rigorously to lose weight, Which does not always end up being a success.Herbs and spices could be an important addition to the diet for correct weight loss, but they have to be used intelligently. They help in burning fat, increasing metabolism and satiety, and of course, do not contain extra calories.

The Important Herbs And Spices For Weight Loss Are:

1. Cayenne Pepper

The active compound capsaicin found in cayenne helps in burning fat and has a warming effect on the body. Too much of it is bad and can be very hot for the tongue and internal system. It helps in increasing the metabolism of the body and helps in suppressing appetite.[1]

Cayenne Pepper

2. Acai Berry

This fruit has immense antioxidant properties and its juice or the dried powder of acai berry fruit can be used for weight loss. It controls the build-up of fat in the body while providing energy to the body at the same time.[2]

Acai Berry

3. Turmeric

This spice has a long list of credentials to it. Not only is it anti-inflammatory and helps in keeping the hormones in control which is vital to weight loss, turmeric helps in warming the body. It controls the build up of fat tissues in the body and also boosts the metabolism to increase the energy levels and burn fat.[3] Add it to warm milk, soups and gravies to enhance taste and aid in weight loss.


4. Guarana

Guarana is diuretic and stimulates the nervous system. It control binge eating by regulating the hormones and cleanses the system of toxins, therefore helping in weight loss.[4]


5. Guar Gum

This herb can keep the stomach full for a long period and curb hunger pangs. It is also known to regulate the blood sugar levels in the body and aid in better digestion which helps in promoting weight loss.[5]

Guar Gum

6. Dandelion

Dandelion can add flavour to foods and can cleanse and purify the body. People eat this flower to keep the system fuller for long. It aids in a slow digestion of food and gets the nutrients absorbed well into the food thus controlling the waist line from increasing and keeping the body in shape.[6]


7. Cardamom

Cardamom is another warming spice which raises body heat and therefore, the body requires more energy, thus, using the body fat to burn and release energy. [7]It is sprinkled on desserts or can be steeped in hot water and drank in the form of tea. Mix it with other warming spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger for better taste and faster weight loss.


8. Ginger

This herb is a body cleanser and helps in better digestion. It can digest even the long stored food in the stomach and hence control the fat deposition and formation of fat tissues in the body.[8] It is a very effective detox and helps in losing weight fast.


9. Cinnamon

This spice regulates the blood sugar levels in the body and also curbs hunger pangs. It helps in the general well being of the body to keep it healthy and thus, aids in weight loss.[9] It can be mixed in a number of dishes or added to milk to increase its intake, thereby increasing metabolism, keeping the system full for a longer time and thus, leading to weight loss.


10. Nettle Leaf

Nettle leaf contains high amounts of antioxidants like vitamin C and A. These help in combating weight loss by controlling fat deposition in the body and purifying the blood of impurities and toxins.[10]

Nettle Leaf

11. Mustard

This spice helps in increasing the metabolic capacity of the body mustard adds a flavor to food, is low calorie, and low fat in nature and increases the metabolic rates by 25%, thereby enhancing weight loss plans.[11]


12. Cumin-Cumin

Cumin-Cumin is a traditional medicine for all stomach disorders and helps in healing digestion issues. If the food we eat is well digested by the system, it does not deposit itself as unnecessary fat deposits and hence does not lead to weight gain. It can be added to all foods and increases the fat burning capacity up to 3 times that of normal food.[12]


13. Ginseng

This traditional herb is used for the healing of many diseases and can increase metabolism and boost the energy levels in the body.[13] This leads to burning of fat and hence weight loss.


14. Pepper

This is a hot spice that increases body temperature. It can block the formation of fatty cells and control their deposition. Add black pepper to all dishes and even milk and tea to accelerate the fat burning process of the body.[14]


15. Garlic

It improves the immune system and metabolism of the body which helps in weight loss.[15] Ignore the stench, and add it to all foods to enhance its disease fighting capacity that could be the cause of weight gain in the body.


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