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Top 15 Tips To Gain Weight

Tips To Gain Weight

Obesity is not good for health as it causes many types of diseases. Overweight people struggle a lot with weight problems. However, being underweight is another type of problem that demands our attention. We need to have the right amount of body weight for leading a healthy life. A very low body weight is a sign of malnutrition and it causes weakness and other problems. Skinny people don’t look good in appearance. Being too thin is not very good for us. Thus, we should take steps to fight the underweight problem and try to gain a normal body weight. Extremely thin people can gain weight with the help of diet and lifestyle changes. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are The Top 15 Tips To Gain Weight:

Eat Six Times

Eating multiple meals instead of just taking three main meals helps in weight gain. You should eat six times daily. Eat at a gap of two or three hours even if you don’t feel hungry. It will help in improving the appetite.

Eat Slowly

Change The Diet

Changing ones diet and eating foods that increase the weight can help the underweight people. Take full cream milk and use it for making tea and coffee. Include sugar and honey in your diet. Take sugary foods and drinks. Eat potato, rice and pasta. Eat nuts. Add dressings to salads. Plan the diet to include the above foods.

Recommended Dietary Strategy

Eat Starchy Vegetables

It is easy to gain weight by eating starchy vegetables. These vegetables help in increasing the body weight. Thus, include potato, beetroot, cauliflower and other starchy vegetables in your diet.


Eat In Big Plates

Eating in smaller plates helps in weight loss. Exactly opposite to this, eating in bigger plates causes weight gain. It increases the amount of food you eat and forces you to take more amounts of calories thus helping in weight gain.

Eat In Big Plates

Eat Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a very yummy food with a salty taste. It increases the body weight due to the high amounts of calories in it. The peanut butter is a rich source of protein also. Protein also helps in increasing weight. Thus, you should eat peanut butter.

Peanut butter

Eat Fatty Foods

You can easily gain weight by including fatty foods in your diet. Instead of eating foods with saturated fats, choose healthy fat food sources. Dairy foods, peanuts, cashew nuts and avocado are healthy food choices for gaining weight. Avoid processed foods.

Eat Fatty Foods

Eat Snacks

Eating snacks helps in increasing the body weight. Include healthy snacks in your diet and avoid junk food and fast foods. Take snacks like nuts and yogurt two hours after eating a meal. Don’t eat snacks along with the meals.

Keep Snacking Healthy

Eat Carbohydrate Foods

Foods that contain carbohydrates help in gaining weight. However, it is important to choose healthy and good carbohydrates instead of eating unhealthy carbohydrates like pasta and bread. Include good carbohydrate foods like fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Healthy Carbohydrates

Increase Calorie Intake

If you want to gain weight fast, you need to increase the intake of calories in your daily diet. Increase 300 calories intake initially and slowly bring it up to 500 calories more. A higher intake of calories will increase fat in your body.

note down your calories intake

Use Cooking Oils with Fats

Use cooking oils that contain healthy fats. We need healthy fats in our diet to increase the body weight. Olive oil is the best oil for weight gain. The oil improves heart health. You can also use sunflower oil for cooking purposes.

Use Healthy Cooking Oils

Take Late Night Food

Taking food at late night hours can help you in increasing the body weight. Take rich foods in dinner and eat dessert after that. Sweet foods like puddings and sweets taken after dinner help in weight gain.

Take Late Night Food

Eat Salmon

Non-vegetarian people can gain weight by eating salmon. The fatty fish is very good for your health. It contains high amounts of protein that is required for gaining fat in the body. Include salmon in your daily diet.


Eat Before Workout

Doing exercises without eating anything before it is the main cause of weight loss. It starves you and leads to poor metabolism. Thus, you should avoid this. Always eat something before an exercise session. Eat something heavy before the workout session.

Eat Before Workout

Rest After Workout

Exercising without taking rest is not good for gaining weight. Always take rest after doing exercises before you exercise again. The muscles become big and large when we take rest after exercising. Thus, rest during exercises for increasing weight.

Rest After Workout

Do Weight Lifting

Weight lifting helps in building body muscles and this helps in increasing the weight. Take a fatty and high calorie diet when you do weight lifting. The muscles get exercise when you lift weights. It is the best exercise for weight gain.

Do Weight Lifting

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