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Top 5 Aqua Exercises To Lose Weight

Aqua Exercises For weight Loss

When you think of aqua exercises, swimming is the first thing that comes to the mind. But for aqua exercises, swimming is not mandatory. You can do aqua exercises in waist deep or shoulder deep water, whilst standing. There is no requirement for an individual to know swimming here! But the benefits associated with the same are much more. Basically, aqua exercises use water resistance, which means even the most heavy weight individuals can do it, without feeling strain on their knees or joints.

The other benefit is that you lose weight much faster, without any sweat. And this makes aqua aerobics or water exercises the most desired option for working out during the humid summer months. As a result, your body gets toned, you build lean muscles and lose fat, without any risks or side effects. Also, the resistance is twice as much in water, which means that exercising here for 30 minutes give the same results as exercising outside for an hour.

Here Are Some Exercises That You Can Do In The Pool, With Or Without Assistance From An Expert-

Water Jogging

Start off with slow water jogging and apply good technique. Always remember you will get benefits, only when you jog or run according to the rules. Do not jog very fast, you may not feel the difference but with good technique and form, you will see the results. In the beginning, you can ask the water aerobics instructor to show you how it is done, after a few sessions you will do just fine. In the course of time you can switch between fast and slow jogging to ensure faster loss of fat.

water jogging

Weight Drills

There are special water weights available along with other equipment like resistance bands, which can be used to tone muscles. You should incorporate certain workout drills in your water aerobics regimen; the drills can be placed at the beginning, end or the middle. You can ask your water aerobics instructor about the specific drills. You will need to change the drills from time to time to increase the intensity of the workout.  The swimming drills are specifically designed to reinforce your technique. If you want to enhance your performance, you will need to get some tools from the sports store. Sporting gears like swim cap, haggles, swimming trunks, waterproof wristwatch etc. you can also get kick boards and pull buoys to take the workout to the next level. If you are learning the ropes of the game, such swimming gears can help improve your technique.

Weight Drills

Aqua Lunges And Push Ups

This combination can be done together or seperately. Basically it should be done in waist deep water. After every lunge, do a push up at the edge of the pool or even on the steps. Remember that once in a while you should push your water aerobics workout to the limit and beyond it. This will help increase your efficiency and strengthen your muscles. This combination works as a great cardio workout that helps burn a lot of calories. If you want to stay in shape, then increasing the number of laps will definitely keep the beer belly under control. Add some weights to increase resistance again.

Aqua Lunges And push ups

Water Ab Exercises

You can do a lot of ab exercises in the water too. For instance, support your back with the help of the pool railing or even holders. Then do your regular cycling. Make sure that you contract the abs well and push the legs out straight, alternatively. A tougher one here would be doing double leg lifts the same way. Some other standing ab moves include leg circles, extensions and even high knee jogging.

Water Ab Exercises

Water Stretching And Yoga

You can also stretch inside the pool in waist deep or even in shoulder deep water. Remember to warm up a bit or else you may injure muscles. All yoga and stretching exercises like warrior pose, arm raise with lunge, squat stretch, back bending, etc. can be done in water. If you are an expert at holding your breath, then you can push yourself to another level by lowering your head or submerging in the water too. But this is advanced level so be cautious and work with a trainer for the same.

Water Stretching And Yoga

So this season, hit the water instead of sweating it out for a quicker and yet more effective workout!

Aqua Exercises To Lose Weight

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