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Top 5 Diet Tips For Liver Cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is a condition in which the liver becomes scarred. It causes blood circulation problems and liver failure. There is malnutrition when the patient does not get enough nutrients for the normal functioning of body organs. The ankles, legs and abdomen become swollen due to water retention. Patients who suffer from liver cirrhosis should plan their diet after consulting a dietitian. Make a diet plan that helps in preventing health problems while giving relief from the symptoms of liver disease. We will give some diet tips for this problem.

The Top 5 Diet Tips For Liver Cirrhosis Are As Follows:

Avoid Raw Foods

Avoid Raw Foods

While many people like to take raw foods for improving their health, it is important to know that these foods are not good for liver cirrhosis or any other type of liver disease. You should avoid eating raw foods. Don’t eat salads. Eat only cooked vegetables and not raw ones. Consult your doctor or dietitian about the safety of eating raw foods.

Avoid Salty Foods

Avoid Salty Foods

Excess intake of salt causes water retention and it worsens the condition of the patient. Take salt in limited amounts. Avoid foods with high amounts of salt in it. Don’t take table salt. Salty foods like sauce and canned soups need to be avoided. Use herbs for flavoring the food instead of salt. Avoid processed and canned foods.

Avoid Fatty Foods

Avoid Fatty Foods

Eating fatty foods leads to the problem of fatty liver disease. It increases the risk of scarring of liver and cirrhosis. Therefore, avoid or limit the intake of fatty foods. Don’t eat fried foods, processed foods and high calorie foods. Eating healthy fats is good for your health. You can get healthy fats from foods like nuts and avocados.

Take a Low Sugar Diet

Low Sugar Foods

Many cirrhosis patients suffer from the problem of diabetes and high blood sugar. It is important to control diabetes. Take an anti-diabetes diet by taking foods that have low amount of sugar. Take a healthy balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. Avoid sugary foods like sweets, desserts, ice-cream, puddings and sugary drinks.

Take Vegetarian Proteins

Vegetarian Proteins

Protein is an important nutrient that helps in the repair of damaged cells in our body. It is also required for building muscles. Liver cirrhosis causes problems in filtering the byproducts formed after protein breakdown. Consult your doctor about the right amount and type of protein that is safe for your condition. It is better to get protein from vegetarian sources rather than meat. You can eat tofu, soy, beans and eggs.

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