Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Breaking Out


Acne is very common and is mostly found in young people. Though genetics play an important role in the production of acne, there may be several other factors that contribute to this. If your parents or your siblings have acne there is the possibility that you could break out too. Acne appears when the pores are clogged up. There is an overproduction of oil and these find it difficult to come out due to clogged pores. Acne thus breaks out on the skin.

Let’s Look At Some Of The Reasons That Trigger The Production Of Acne:

1. Personal Care Products:

Skin care creams and makeup products are in much use these days. Though they advertise only the benefits of using them, they are loaded with chemicals that are detrimental to the skin and results in acne. These chemicals dehydrate the skin. The skin is unable to undergo the normal method of exfoliation of the dead skin cells. The accumulation of the dead skin cells and the product itself clogs the pores. The other way these products cause problems is by removing the protective barrier of the skin and also increasing its sensitivity. Silicones, petrochemicals, dyes and perfumes, parabens, acrylics, alcohol etc are some of the chemicals found in beauty cosmetics that could cause a breakout.

Personal Care Products

2. Stress:

Stress is another reason for breaking out. During stress, there is overproduction of androgens by the adrenal glands. This lead to a breakout. The stress also increases the inflammatory reaction in the body. A part of this also happens in the pores and results in the breakout. It is not possible to completely avoid stress, but you could practice some relaxation techniques to bring it under control. Stress leads not only to a breakout, there are whole load of other problems with stress.


3. Unhealthy Lifestyle:

Diet plays an important factor in acne. Sugary foods, oily and fried foods, dairy products etc predispose to the production of acne. Smoking is another contributing factor for the breakout. There are several ways in which smoking causes acne. Certain products in the smoke that trigger the production of oil, smoking also increases the pores size, smoking also dehydrates the skin. Lack of sleep could also result in a breakout. There is increased production of oil, sleep deprivation could also lead to dehydration of skin.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

4. Sun:

Sun is another culprit behind a breakout. Here again there is overproduction of oil. The sun dehydrate the skin and this is why there is overproduction of oil. Besides prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause other damages to skin as well. Climate and weather changes could also lead to a breakout of acne.



5. Lack Of Hygiene:

Acne is caused by clogging of pores. Therefore when the face is not cleaned properly and regularly this could lead to acne. So it is mandatory to cleanse the face regularly with a gentle cleanser. Harsh cleaning is also not good as it could dehydrate the skin and in turn result in overproduction of oil. It is advisable to clean your face after you sweat a lot after a workout or going out in the sun. Also it is important to clean the makeup brushes and other personal care products. It is not advisable to keep picking out the acne or white heads as it could make the problems worse. It could also trigger a bacterial infection.

Lack Of Hygiene

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