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Top 5 Super Foods For Babies And Toddlers


Babies and toddlers have very small stomach. Their food requirement is very less. The little ones need nutritious foods that help in improving health. Parents should give foods to babies and toddlers after consulting a pediatrician. Some foods are not suitable for babies as they cause allergy. Avoid such foods. Babies can be given soft and mashed foods. You should give vegetables after making its puree. Some foods help in improving the health of babies and toddlers. We will discuss about such foods here. Following are the top 5 super foods for babies and toddlers.



Banana is the best fruit for babies. Ripe bananas are very soft and it is easy to mash them. The fruit contains a lot of carbohydrate. It is a rich source of energy required by the baby. The fruit is easy to digest. Toddlers can eat chopped banana. Make sure that the banana is ripe.



Oatmeal is a very healthy super food for the little ones. It contains many nutrients that help in keeping the body healthy while preventing many diseases. Oatmeal is very soft and easy to digest. Babies can chew it easily. Cook the oatmeal along with milk. Mix fruit in oatmeal for toddlers.



Dairy foods are very important for babies and toddlers. The foods contain high amounts of calcium and protein, which help in nourishing the body. Milk is the best dairy food for your child. It helps in making the brain healthy. Milk is required for strengthening the bones. It also helps in improving the health of teeth.

Lentils And Legumes

Legumes And Lentils

Lentils and legumes are very good foods for babies and young ones. It contains a lot of lean protein, which is very good for health. It is a rich source of fiber also. Prepare lentils and legumes in semi liquid dishes. It will be easy to mash legumes. Toddlers can eat the mashed soft lentils.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables

Babies and toddlers need Iron rich foods for improving the health of eyes and bones. Green leafy vegetables are the best sources of Iron. You should prepare dishes made with spinach and kale for your child. These vegetables contain Vitamin C and K. It contains antioxidants, which help in improving health. Include green vegetables in your baby’s diet for a better bone health.

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