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Top 5 Super Foods For Men


We all know that men love to build muscles. They need a nutritious diet for building their body. It is not possible to get great arms and abs without eating a nutrient rich diet. Men need to be fit and healthy for performing the hard tasks of life. They should avoid foods that contain high amount of calories. Such foods only increase the weight so it best to avoid them. Eat healthy foods that give lot of energy for leading a happy life. Some foods help in improving the health of men. We will tell you about such foods. Following are the top 5 super foods for men.

Top 5 Super Foods For Men



Oatmeal is a very healthy super food with many nutrients in it. The grain is a rich source of protein. It can help in controlling cholesterol levels due to the high quantity of fiber present in it. It helps in boosting the energy levels. Oatmeal contains vitamins and minerals also. Include oatmeal in your breakfast. Eat porridge made by cooking oats and milk. Add fruits or berries to the porridge for a better taste.

Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea is a very healthy beverage that can help in preventing cancer and other diseases. Drinking the tea helps in improving fitness. It helps in preventing weight gain and maintaining normal body weight. The tea has ingredients that help in preventing and controlling Alzheimer’s disease. You can drink green tea hot or enjoy it cold.



Broccoli contains nutrients and chemicals that help in preventing and fighting cancer. It contains many vitamins that improve the health. The vegetable helps in improving heart health. It is very good for the immune system. The best way to eat broccoli is to steam it. It increases the antioxidant content of this vegetable.



Nuts are a rich source of monounsaturated fats, which help in preventing diseases like heart disease. Eating nuts helps in satisfying the appetite and preventing overeating. Almonds contain protein and Vitamin E. The nut helps in burning calories and improving memory. You can eat other nuts like cashews, pistachios and walnuts.


Eggs (2)

Eggs contain very less calories. They are very healthy for men due to its high protein content. Protein is a nutrient that helps in repairing muscles and other damaged parts of the body. The food contains Vitamin D, which is required for proper functioning of bones. Eggs contain choline. The food helps in improving memory.

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