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Top 5 Sushi Health Benefits And Risks

Health Benefits And Risks

Sushi is a famous Japanese dish eaten since the olden times. It is like a roll and considered as a fast food. It is a popular food served in restaurants and food shops. Sushi is made of rice in combination with other ingredients like egg and fish. Rice is shaped like a cylinder roll with filling inside it. The roll is covered in dry seaweed called nori. Some people like to make sushi with brown rice. Many types of fillings are used in making this dish. Sushi has health benefits as well as risks associated with it. We will discuss both aspects here. Following are the main benefits of sushi.

Top 5 Sushi Health Benefits And Risks

Rich In Nutrients

Sushi contains calcium. Fish is very beneficial for us as it contains lean protein, which has very little amount of fat. Thus eating sushi can fulfill the protein requirement of your body. Sushi contains Vitamin D also.

Rich In Nutrients

Contains Omega 3 Fats

Sushi made with mackerel fish contains omega 3 fats, which help in improving health and fighting free radicals. Omega 3 fats are nutrients that prevent many types of diseases.

Prevents Obesity

The Japanese dish sushi is very good for overweight people. It has very less amount of fat and calories. Sushi made with salmon, mackerel and shrimp can help in preventing obesity. Vegetable sushi is low fat and very healthy.

Controls Obesity

Good For Heart

Fish used in sushi has very less fat and cholesterol. Therefore, it helps in improving the health of heart. Eating sushi can help in preventing abnormal heart rhythm.

Good for heart

Nutritious Nori

The dry seaweed nori used in making sushi is very good for health. It contains many nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals. It contains fiber also.

Health Risks Of Sushi

It is not necessary that the foods you love to eat are healthy too. Sushi can have some disadvantages. You may love sushi but it is wise to avoid it if it causes health problems. The ingredients used in making the dish can be dangerous for you. If the dish is made with unhealthy fish, it causes more harm than good. Before you decide to eat sushi, you should know about its health risks too. We will tell you about the health problems caused by eating sushi. Following are the main health risks of sushi.

Parasite Contamination

The main risk of sushi is that uncooked fish can cause bacteria contamination. There is risk of roundworm, flatworm and viruses in sushi so it is not safe for health.

Fatty Accompaniments

Although the fish with which sushi is made contains very less fat and calories, the other accompaniments of this dish contain lot of fat. Sauce, mayonnaise, cheese and tempura served with sushi are very high calorie foods. It can cause obesity.


Contains Color

Artificial food color is often added to sushi. The color is not good for health. It can lead to health problems like congestion and allergy. The pickle served with sushi contains harmful ingredients like preservatives and chemicals.

Causes Health Problems

There can be several types of health problems due to sushi. It can cause nausea and vomiting. Eating the dish causes digestive disorders and diarrhea. There can be pain and inflammation in the abdomen. Sushi is not good for people who have low stomach acidity. The dish can cause allergy.

Healthier Problem

Unsafe For Pregnant Women And Kids

Sushi is not a safe dish for pregnant women and kids. There is risk of mercury poisoning in sushi made with tuna and swordfish. Thus it can be very harmful for vulnerable group of people. Don’t take sushi during pregnancy. Children should not eat it.

Unsafe For Pregnant Women And Kids

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