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Top 5 Ways To Treat Tennis Elbow

Ways To Treat Tennis Elbow

Pain in forearm and elbow causes tennis elbow. The pain can reach up to wrist level. Patients who suffer from this problem have difficulty in using hands for doing daily tasks like opening the door with keys. Repeated twisting of arm tears the muscles and this causes pain in arms. Proper treatment helps in giving relief in this problem. We will give you some tips for treating tennis elbow. Following are the top 5 ways to treat tennis elbow.


Since the problem of tennis elbow is caused by overuse of forearm muscles, it is important to rest the muscles of arms. Don’t do activities that cause pressure and stress in arm muscles. Don’t lift heavy things. Rest the arm for few weeks.


Cold And Hot Treatments

Cold and hot treatments help in giving relief in pain caused by tennis elbow. Fill ice in a bag. Place a cloth on skin. Keep the ice-filled bag on it. For hot treatment, dip a towel in hot water, squeeze and apply on affected area. Having bath with hot water also gives relief.

Cold And Hot Treatments

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is very effective in treating tennis elbow pain. When the arms are massaged, it helps in increasing blood circulation in this area. It reduces pain while curing inflammation and stiffness. Ask someone to give you massage. You can take massage treatment from a professional.

Massage Therapy


Often the pain of tennis elbow stops the normal movements of arms. The affected person cannot use the arm properly. Exercises help in improving the mobility of arms. It makes the forearm muscles very strong. You can learn arm exercises from a physiotherapist.



NSAID drugs like ibuprofen help in treating elbow pain. Your doctor will suggest you the best medicines. Painkillers like paracetamol can be taken. Some pain medicines are available in the form of gels. Apply the gel on skin in the forearm area.


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