Top 5 Yoga Poses To Stop Snoring

Top 5 Yoga Poses To Stop Snoring

Snoring can get unnerving and extremely irritating at times, especially for your partner. However, it is not a simple issue that can be overlooked. Snoring is usually a sign of stress, poor sleeping habits or a blocked nasal passage. It may even signify serious underlying health issues like heart disease. Snoring often progresses as you age. It is better to find a solution to this problem as early as possible. There are five yoga poses that can help you relax and stop snoring, if practised regularly

Effective Yoga Practices To Stop Snoring

Ujjayi Pranayama – (Hissing Sound Pose)

Sit comfortably on a yoga mat with your back straight and legs crossed. Keep your palms on your knees, facing inwards as in Sukhasana. Close your eyes gently. Open your mouth slightly. Inhale and exhale slowly thru your mouth. Feel the movement of air going down your windpipe and entering your lungs. On exhaling, utter the sound ‘aaahhh’ by keeping your mouth open. Repeat three times. Thereafter, on exhaling, utter ‘aaahhh’ by keeping your mouth closed. Feel the vibration of this sound thru your body. Make sure you inhale and exhale only thru your nose. Concentrate on your breathing all the while. Initially perform Ujjayi Pranayam for five minutes. Thereafter, you can extend it to fifteen minutes.

Ujjayi Pranayama - (Hissing Sound Pose)

Ujjayi Pranayam is a diaphragmatic technique that lets you increase your oxygen intake with every breath resulting in a healthy body and mind. Regular practice guarantees sound sleep and relief from stress.

Bhramari Pranayama – (Humming Bee Pose)

Sit with your spinal cord straight on a yoga mat, in a quiet corner. Keep your eyes closed. Place your index fingers in your ears or on the delicate cartilage that lies at the opening of your ear. Inhale deeply while pressing your index fingers on the cartilage or ear slowly. While doing so, make a deep humming sound like a bee. Exhale slowly. Repeat the exercise at least seven times.

Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama gives relief from tension and anxiety, two of the main culprits that make you snore at night.

Simha Garjanasana – (Roaring Lion Pose)

Kneel down comfortably on a yoga mat. Slowly separate your legs such that there is a gap in between your thighs. Keep your palms on the floor, in between your knees such that your wrists point outwards from the body and your fingers point towards the body. Lean forward and move your head back. Inhale thru your nose. Slowly produce a growling sound by bringing out your tongue. Repeat this exercise two to three times.

Simha Garjanasana

Simha Garjanasana gives relief from snoring when performed three to four times daily.

Balasana – (Child’s Pose)

Balasana begins with a sitting position on a yoga mat. Slowly kneel down with your knees a little apart and toes facing downwards. Sit upright with your back and spine straight. Inhale slowly. While exhaling, slowly bend your body forward till your forehead touches the floor. Relax your arms beside your thighs on the floor. Count your breath while inhaling and exhaling five times. Come back to starting position.


The child’s pose calms the mind and body and helps you sleep better at night. This controls snoring.

Shavasana – (Corpse Pose)

Lie down on your back on a yoga mat. Keep your feet slightly apart. Relax your legs and knees completely. Keep your arms by your side with your palms facing the sky. Relax your entire body and take slow, deep breaths. Now shift your attention from one body part to the other beginning with the lower part of your body, slowly moving upwards. Remain in this pose for fifteen to twenty minutes. Once done, roll over to your right side. With the support of your right hand slowly get up and assume a sitting position.


This is a pose of total relaxation, always practised at the end of a yoga session. It promotes total healing of the body and mind. It helps put an end to snoring.

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