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Top 6 Healthy Breakfast Dos And Donts

Top 6 Healthy Breakfast Dos And Donts

Breakfast is the first meal of the day with which you start the day. The food you eat early in the day gives you energy for the whole day. The breakfast should consist of healthy foods that have essential nutrients. People who miss breakfast in order to lose weight become very weak with lack of energy. It is important to eat a good healthy breakfast. Many people take oats porridge for breakfast while some take sandwiches and cereals. Avoid including unhealthy foods for breakfast. We will tell you about dos and donts of breakfast. Following are the top 6 healthy breakfast dos.

Top 6 Healthy Breakfast Dos And Donts:

Low Glycemic Index Foods

A healthy should include foods that have low glycemic index. It will help in controlling weight and preventing obesity. Choose fibrous foods for this meal.

Protein Foods

Breakfast should include foods that contain protein. The nutrient helps in building muscles. It can fight obesity by burning calories. Vegetarians can take yogurt while non-vegetarians can take egg whites.

Eat Protein Foods

Control Portions

Always measure the ingredients of breakfast foods. Whether you make smoothie or cereal, overeating can lead to obesity and other problems. So take controlled portions of foods in breakfast.


Skip Muffin

Skip chocolate muffin for breakfast. The muffin contains lot of fat and sugar, which is not healthy for you. It is a high calorie food that can cause obesity. Therefore, it is wise to skip the muffin.

Skip Muffin

Healthy Cereal

If you wish to start the day with cereal, prepare it with very less amount of sugar. Choose cereal that has low calories. Eat it along with milk and fruit topping. Choose low fat milk.

High-Fiber Cereal

Spinach Smoothie

If you want to make a green smoothie for breakfast, choose a healthy leafy green like spinach for making it. Spinach is the best vegetable for smoothie because it is full of nutrients.

Spinach Smoothie

Breakfast Donts

After knowing the dos of breakfast, you should also know about things that you should avoid in the first meal of the day. It is important to avoid harmful habits that make a breakfast meal unhealthy for you. We will give you some tips for this so that you can make breakfast a healthy meal that benefits your health. Avoid making breakfast mistakes that cause health problems. Observe the donts we will tell you about. Following are the top breakfast donts you need to avoid.

Avoid Unhealthy Smoothie

Don’t use too much honey or sugar while preparing smoothies. It can increase the calorie content of smoothie. Don’t add large amount of fruit juice in it. Sugary foods can increase your weight so be very careful.

Avoid Unhealthy Smoothie

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Don’t use artificial sweeteners for making a smoothie sweet in taste. You can enhance the taste of smoothies by adding herbs and spices.

Artificial Colors And Sweeteners

Avoid Fat Free

Don’t eat a fat free breakfast. Although fat is harmful for health, It is beneficial to choose healthy fat food sources like almond butter. You can also add flaxseed in your food. Non-vegetarian people can eat fatty fish like salmon, which contains healthy fats.

Avoid Fat Free

Avoid Unhealthy Sandwiches

Don’t eat high calorie sandwiches made with cheese and butter. Non-vegetarian people should avoid eating bacon sandwiches. Instead of this, make sandwich with vegetable omelet.


Avoid Protein Powder

Don’t take protein powder for breakfast. Eat natural foods that contain protein instead of taking it in the form of powder. This is a better option so avoid protein powder.

Avoid Protein Powder

Avoid Unhealthy Coffee Drinks

Don’t order special coffee drinks at coffee shops. The coffee drinks you order may contain lot of fat and sugar. Choose coffee that has very less calories.

Drink Coffee

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