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Top 6 Inexpensive Super Foods To Prevent Aging

Prevent Aging

While you cannot turn back the biological clock, you can certainly do certain things to look younger and stay fit. Naturally, aging takes a toll on your skin and appearance and you start suffering from low esteem. But in present hi –tech era when every information is at your finger tips, you need to gather the right one and follow them strictly. Are you maintaining an active lifestyle or a couch potato? The first step to prevent aging starts here. It won’t cost you a penny. Diet plays the most important part in your life that reflects in your appearance and personality. You need not spend a lot but be smart in picking the right foods.

Here Are Some Foods That Can Hold Your Youthful Looks For A Long Time :

1. Green Vegetables:

Farm fresh green vegetables grown seasonally are widely available and are not expensive at all. These are rich in Vitamins like A, C, E and K and other antioxidants that slow aging and maintain your health. Steamed spinach, peppers and carrots are very useful to fight aging. You can add lettuce to your salad or have broccoli and kale, two anti aging superfoods. If you are not having them regularly, add at least one serving of green vegetables in your daily diet.

Green vegetables

2. Fruits:

Colored fruits matter most when we talk of anti-aging super foods. Tomatoes are unanimous choice and are not at all expensive. Seasonal fruits like berries, cherries, oranges and citrus fruits are widely available throughout the year and are the healthiest choices within your budget. A colorful plate implies a colorful life!


3. Yogurt:

Another common food but very often unnoticed as an anti-aging food. Yoghurt is low in calories, high in calcium that maintains the strength of bones. Moreover, high population of live bacteria maintains a healthy gut preventing age related intestinal disorders, which ultimately keeps you fit as a fiddle.


4. Sprouts:

Rich in anti-oxidants and other essential vitamins and minerals, sprouts can take care of your overall health including skin and hair. Naturally, sprouts are well known for their anti-aging effects. Low in calories, you can have them anytime in any amounts. Sprouts from pea and other leguminous plants can be grown easily at home.


5. Fish:

Fish is one of the inexpensive sources of protein that add years to your life. Low in calories, fish is good for your heart due to the presence of omega-3-fatty acids. Taking fish regularly helps in checking obesity, which is the most undesirable outcome of aging. Consuming steamed or baked fish is a smart way to check aging, while eating fish fry may cause just the opposite.


6. Nuts:

Do they sound expensive? But these are perhaps the cheapest sources of protein stuffed with Vitamin E, potassium and unsaturated fats that slow down your aging process. These are low in calories and beneficial for your heart and muscle growth.




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