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Top 6 Remedies For Backache


Most of us suffer from backache during some part of our life. Physical strain is the most common cause of this problem. Weight lifters and gardeners are likely to have backache. Sometimes, the simple act of bending down leads to pain in the back. It is important to treat back pain immediately as it can help in preventing the condition to worsen needing surgery. Backache can be cured with some simple remedies. The following remedies will help you a lot.

Physical Activity and Good Posture

If you have back pain, you should not take bed rest for a long time. You should remain active and engage in physical activities. If you keep moving the body, it will help in curing the problem. You should do walking, which is the best form of exercise. Yoga is very helpful. Activities that put a strain on the body are very harmful so avoid them. Take efforts to maintain the correct posture. Poor posture causes back strain and it can worsen the back pain. So try to keep an erect and straight posture.

Good Posture

Apply Ice Pack

If there is back pain and inflammation due to injury, you should apply ice on the affected area. It will decrease the transmission of pain signals by the nerves and this helps in decreasing the back pain. You can make ice pack by filling a plastic bag with ice. Place a thin towel on the affected area and on top of this place the ice pack. You should do this remedy for twenty minutes and then remove the ice pack for half an hour. Keep it again for twenty minutes.

Ice Pack

Heat Application and Massage

Application of heat on the painful area helps in curing backache. It makes the muscles elastic, which gives a lot of relief. Soak the body in hot water. Remain immersed in water for twenty minutes. This remedy is not suitable for pregnant women as the high temperature can lead to birth defects. Massage is also helpful in backache. Ask someone to massage the back with a kneading movement. You can also take the help of a professional massage therapist.


Rubs and Ointments

You can use rubs and ointments for curing backache. Tiger Balm is very effective in giving relief. These rubs have different effects on different people. Therefore, its effects are varying. Some ointments have an awful smell. If you have problem in applying the ointments on the back, you can try sprays meant for curing backache. One such spray is Biofreeze, which is available in menthol variety. This spray is also available as non-scented spray.


Get Proper Sleep

Sleep is a natural solution to pain as it helps in restoring the normal health. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can worsen the pain. The problems associated with backache cannot be treated in case there is lack of sleep. Therefore, you should sleep well and take rest. Some relaxation techniques help in inducing sleep so you must try them. Psychological techniques also help a lot. Reduce the intake of coffee as it contains caffeine, which keeps you awake while preventing sleep. If worries are stopping from sleeping well, take help of writing therapy and write down your worries.

Proper Sleep

Releasing Endorphins

You should do activities that help the body in releasing endorphins, which are the hormones that block pain signals. Endorphins help in curing anxiety and stress, which are common problems felt by people having backache. Therefore, endorphins make you feel very good while enhancing your mood and happiness levels. You can release endorphins by doing meditation and deep breathing. Exercises are very beneficial, especially if you do aerobic exercises. Try to laugh and smile more and more. Listen to music and increase your involvement in social life. Try acupuncture. Eat dark chocolate as it helps in releasing the feel good hormones.


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