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Top 6 Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Remedies For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a medical condition in which the upper blood pressure becomes hundred and forty and more than this while the lower pressure becomes ninety or more than this. High blood pressure is a serious health problem that should be treated in a timely manner. You can control this disease by adopting a healthy lifestyle. It can help in treating the disease without medicines. If you have been diagnosed with this condition, you should take help of natural remedies that can control the disease.

Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Decrease Sodium Intake

We take sodium in the daily diet in the form of salt. Salt is responsible for increasing the blood pressure. High blood pressure patients should decrease the intake of sodium. Do not take more than 1,500 milligrams sodium daily. Avoid using the saltshaker when you eat food. The extra salt you take only contributes to increasing the blood pressure. Instead of adding salt to food, you should use seasonings of spices and herbs. Many people are fond of eating processed foods but they do not know that this type of food contains high amount of sodium. You should avoid processed foods.

Decrease Sodium Intake For High Blood Pressure

Eat Garlic

If you have high blood pressure, you should eat garlic. Take raw garlic daily after crushing it slightly. One to two cloves taken with food would be enough. Add garlic to the food you eat and cook. Mix garlic with milk and take it. You can take garlic capsules. Take little garlic juice mixed with water two times daily. You can also take garlic in the form of powder or extract. Research has shown that garlic can decrease the blood pressure very effectively. Garlic contains high amount of sulfur and allicin, which help in making the arteries relaxed and this reduces the blood pressure.

Garlic Reduces The Blood Pressure

Eat Banana

Banana is the wonder fruit that helps in controlling the problem of high blood pressure. You should eat banana daily on a regular basis. Banana contains potassium and it decreases the blood pressure. Banana does not contain sodium and cholesterol and this is very beneficial for you.

Banana Controls The Blood Pressure

Eat These Vegetables

Some vegetables help in decreasing the blood pressure. The best vegetables are carrot and spinach. You should include these vegetables in the diet. You can extract juice from these vegetables and drink it two times daily. You should also include parsley and its juice in the diet. Another good vegetable for high blood pressure is potato. You should eat boiled potato. Potato contains high amount of nutrients like magnesium and potassium, which control the blood pressure.

Vegetables Helps To Controls The Blood Pressure

Take a Healthy Diet

Taking a healthy diet is the best remedy for high blood pressure. Research has shown that the DASH diet is very effective in controlling the blood pressure. You should eat fruits, vegetables and nuts. Take foods that have low amount of saturated fat. Choose dairy foods that have less amount of fat. Adopt a diet that has low sugar, cholesterol and sweets. You should eat whole grains. Red meat is very harmful so you should avoid it, instead of this you can take poultry and fish.

Healthy Diet Controls The Blood Pressure

Do Physical Exercises

High blood pressure can be easily cured by remaining physically active. You should move the body. Do exercises daily for half an hour to one hour. Exercise helps in losing weight and preventing obesity. Inactive and sedentary people may have problem in starting exercises initially, so you should choose safe exercises after consulting the doctor. Initially do easy and slow exercises. Walking and cycling are the best exercises.

You should increase the intensity of exercises gradually. You can do hiking, jogging and swimming. Skating and skiing are good activities. Aerobic activities and dance helps a lot. Climb stairs and play tennis. Weight lifting can be dangerous for you so avoid it and consult a doctor for a good exercise program.

Physical Exercises Controls The Blood Pressure

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