Top 7 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Building Muscles


Benefits Of Olive Oil For Building Muscles


Athletes and bodybuilders go in stride with olive oil and they share a very long history. If you look at the first Olympic Games, you will find that olive wreaths were given as prizes of victory and the wisdom of this act has been discovered by health conscious people today as well. Olive oil has held a special importance in muscle building and all athletes consider it to be of a very high value as it has been used for thousands of years by our ancestors as a source of providing energy and fat to the body.


All athletes and bodybuilders are aware of the fact that a healthy diet is a must if one is aiming to build and develop their muscles. Basically, olive oil is an ingredient that provides multiple benefits for building muscles.  Discussed below are some of the important aspects of olive oil in muscle building and energy provision.

Here Are The Top 7 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Building Muscles:

1. Get Healthy Fats

Saturated and trans fats are the ones which have to be avoided whereas polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are crucial for muscle development. Monounsaturated fats in particular are said to be highly useful in muscle tissue repair and enable a fast recovery. There are different types of fats which can be consumed by people and some of them are said to be the major cause damage to the skeletal and heart muscles because they contribute to high levels of cholesterol. Olive oil, on the other hand, is free of these adverse effects because it is monounsaturated fat. As a matter of fact, olive oils strengthens the heart and leads to bone building as it has the ability of lowering cholesterol levels. Hence, you can build muscles and repair them too!

 Get Healthy Fats


2. Added Energy

Olive oil provides energy to a body and plenty of energy is required by bodybuilders and athletes alike. In order to build muscles, around 20 to 30% calories have to be consumed from fat unlike normal people who need only 15%. Fat is particularly required for endurance as muscle building has a very high intensity. Fat from olive oil is also needed for releasing carbohydrate energy.



3. Easier Digestion

A general disadvantage associated with fats is that it takes time to digest and hangs out in the stomach. Nonetheless, fast and easy digestion is necessary to avoid stomach cramps which can be debilitating for bodybuilders and athletes. Olive oil is yet highly digestible in comparison to other fats. Having a high absorption in the intestine, olive oil reduces gastric fluids in the body, reduces constipation and aids digestion. Hence, an aspiring bodybuilder will feel active and full.


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4. Complete Recovery Of Muscles

In the case of muscle development, exercise recovery is critical as it can affect their performance. The muscle tissue is broken down, energy stores are depleted and fluids are lost due to working out. Here, olive oil plays a beneficial role as it reduces inflammation, repairs muscles and rebuilds them. This strengthens the muscles and promotes their growth in the long run. Muscle stiffness and pain is also reduced with the help of olive oil.




5. Faster Building Of Muscles

In the muscle building process, testosterone is necessary and it can also increase the energy levels in the body. In order to get testosterone, cholesterol has to be absorbed by the cells. Studies have revealed that as compared to other fat sources, olive oil does this conversion faster.

Faster Building Of Muscles



6. Prevents Injuries

To prevent injuries and fractures, fats are needed for repair, development and building of bone density. Olive oil has fatty acids and oleic acids and this unique combo makes it perfect for bone health.  Thus, with olive oil people can speed up the process of muscle growth.



7. Relaxation And Massage

And finally, the most relaxing and rejuvenating aspect of olive oil is massaging. Basically you can get olive oil massages regularly to relax the muscles and help in overall rejuvenation. What works here is that olive oil also provides skin with nourishment, which also penetrates deep down to soothe sore muscles.

Relaxation And Massage



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