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Top 7 Foods To Keep Your Heart Safe And Healthy


Heart Safe And Healthy

Heart is the central organ of your body. It is responsible for function of other organs inside your body too. The major function of your heart is to help blood vessels to flow throughout your body. According to doctors when you found there is a problem in your heart function or it is detected as weak, you should give priority to the treatment of your heart because there will be chance to rise of various diseases like diabetes,Blood pressure,metabolic syndrome. Therefore to avoid all these you must take care of your daily intake of foods, To keep your heart healthy you must take a decision on your foods and make a List of it, which are useful and avoid those harmful foods.

1. Walnuts

Walnuts are very common and can found easily in market. It is essential to eat walnuts regularly to reduce your cholesterol.Walnuts also helps to protect against inflammation of arteries in your heart. The ingredient of walnut is omega-3s, healthy fats called as monounsaturated fats, these helps to replace of bad fats. Therefore eating walnuts keeps your heart healthy by removing excess bad fats from your body. For better taste and result you can try walnut oil in salad.


2. Oranges

It is very helpful for your heart due to presence of fiber pectin is abundant in oranges, which fights against cholesterol. Eating oranges will help you to maintain your blood pressure level. Oranges contain not only fiber but also contain potassium,calories. To get rid of risk factors of heart, you must make habit to consume a glass of orange juice in a day.


3. Barley

Barley consists of Fiber. Try barley as a part of your diet in place of rice. You can have it in form of soups also. It helps to lower cholesterol and effect on blood sugar levels too. Expert says make habit of consuming barley or whole grain as a side dish to reduce your blood sugar level and be healthy.


4. Cherries And Blueberries

Cherries and it’s families are very helpful to protect your blood vessels. Make habit of taking sweet cherries,sour cherries,dried cherries or cherry juice, which way you feel comfortable but make sure you are taking cherries regular to keep your heart healthy. It is also said that blueberries got anthocyanins, these antioxidants helps to keep you healthy.

 Cherries And Blueberries

5. Less Sodium In Your Food

The most important part to keep your heart safe is concentrate on quantity of salt you used to take in your daily life.eating lots of sodium may lead to high blood pressure, which is a risk factor may result cardiovascular disease. Cut down your salt consumption in daily life when having soup or meals, so that you can sustain a healthy heart.

Less Sodium In Your Food

6. Eat More Vegetables

Having more vegetables is good for your heart. Vegetables are good source of vitamins and minerals also found low in calories, therefore consuming of fresh vegetables regularly may help you to prevent from cardiovascular disease.

Eat More Vegetables

7. Limit Your Fatty Foods

Fatty foods are not good for your heart. Better to know how much you should eat fatty or oily foods, excess of fats may lead to formation of cholesterol in your body. If still eager to eat fats then must choose monounsaturated fats such as, olive oil or vegetable oil,nuts or avocados.

Limit Your Fatty Foods

8. Edamame

These are appetizer in asian restaurant, it is the Japanese word for soybeans, it contain soy protein, which can help to reduce cholesterol level. It also contains heart healthy fibers. Therefore make habit of eating edamame by boiling it and serve in warm condition for better taste.



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