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Top 7 Remedies For Stroke


 Remedies For Stroke

Stroke is a disease in which the insufficiency of blood causes brain damage. In Ischaemic stroke, the brain blood vessels become blocked. This occurs when the arteries become hard and narrow. The condition can also occur due to blood clot. In Haemorrhagic stroke, the blood vessel bursts and leaks, leading to brain damage. Symptoms of stroke are problem in balance and coordination and loss of movement in one part of body. Speech, memory and vision become poor. Stroke patients should take help of natural remedies that help in controlling the condition. The following remedies will provide relief in stroke.


Research has shown that turmeric can help in regenerating brain cells, which helps in curing stroke. This is due to the wonder ingredient present in turmeric called curcumin. This compound helps in repairing damage caused by stroke. Therefore, stroke patients should include turmeric in the diet. Turmeric is a common spice used in Indian, Thai and Malaysian food. It is used to give color to curries so you must have curry dishes.

Turmeric Helps To Prevent Stroke


Use garlic for preventing and curing stroke. Garlic contains compounds that have anti clotting effect. Garlic helps in thinning the blood and decreasing blood pressure, which helps in the treatment of stroke. You can eat raw garlic and take it in the form of capsule. Add garlic while cooking the food. Mix it with salads. Garlic only helps in ischemic stroke. Patients who have hemorrhagic stroke should not take garlic.

Garlic Helps To Prevent Stroke


You can also use ginger to prevent and cure stroke. It helps in reducing cholesterol and improving blood circulation. It functions as a tonic and gives strength to heart and this improves the health of stroke patients. Ginger does not let the blood clot excessively, which helps in curing stroke. You should include ginger in the diet and add it while cooking food. Drinking ginger tea helps a lot. You can make this tea by steeping grated fresh ginger in boiling water. Take the drink when it becomes cold.

Ginger Helps To Prevent Stroke

Spinach, Pineapple and Carrot

If you want to prevent and cure stroke, you should eat spinach, pineapple and carrot. Spinach contains folate, which helps in preventing stroke. It prevents narrowing of arteries, one of the main causes of stroke. The bromelain enzyme present in pineapple has anti clotting properties, which is very useful for curing stroke. Carrots contain high amount of beta-carotene, which decreases the risk of stroke. Carrots can be eaten as snacks. You can also drink carrot soup and juice.

Spinach, Pineapple And Carrot For Stroke


Massage helps in curing stroke by decreasing and preventing depression and anxiety. This touch therapy helps in decreasing blood pressure also. Stroke patients who are paralyzed and spastic benefit from massage as it increases blood circulation in the muscles. When the massage is done with deep and penetrating movements, it can cause harm by breaking the muscles. Therefore, the massage should be done leisurely with a light pressure.

Massage Helps To Prevent Stroke

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency has known to increase the risk of stroke. It is responsible for causing arterial stiffness, which is one of the reasons of stroke. Vitamin D is very good for health and it helps in preventing and curing many diseases. The best way to take Vitamin D is sunlight exposure. Some people get Vitamin D from using tanning beds, but you should ensure that you use this method very safely. You can also take Vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D For Stroke

Herbal Medicines

Ischemic stroke can be treated with Chinese herbal medicines. These medicines increase blood circulation in brain, thus helping in curing symptoms of stroke. Some herbal supplements have neuroprotective effects, thus preventing further damage of the brain. The natural herb danshen helps in restoring the condition of the patient. The Siberian ginseng herb also helps in curing stroke by improving the function of blood vessels.

Herbal Medicines For Stroke


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