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Top 8 Fruits That Lead To Weight Gain

Top 8 Fruits That Lead To Weight Gain

You might have heard about lots of tips for shedding weight. But, there are several people who want to put on a few pounds. Have you heard about the fruits which could lead to weight gain? Instead of the weight- improving pills or other enhancers you can try including these fruits in your diet for weight gain. This is an easy and healthy way to put on some weight naturally.

If you are among those who want to put on weight naturally then you need to know about the top 8 fruits that help in increasing your weight in a healthy way apart from providing you with a good dose of nutrients. However, having one or two in between will not give you the desired effect. You have to follow a healthy routine by including these fruits in your diet and soon you will be noticing a good change gradually.

Read On To Know The Top 8 Fruits That Lead To Weight Gain:


Mango is a nutrient-rich tropical fruit and has the ability to increase your weight when you start consuming it regularly. It is high in calories as well and provides you with a healthy dose of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. However, prefer organic ones. Have it along with your regular food.



Banana is one of the healthy fruit which comes to your rescue if you want to put on a few pounds in a natural way. This is a calorie-dense food and can even help in enhancing the production of your hemoglobin. It provides you with a healthy amount of nutrients as well. Eating bananas after having your meal could help in increasing your weight.


Dried Fruits:

Dried fruit varieties can help in improving your weight. All the dried fruit varieties contain high amounts of saturated fats and calories. A cup of raisins contains nearly 493 calories. So, people who are looking for the healthy ways to increase your weight can include a healthy quantity of dried fruits in their regular diet routine.

Dried Fruits


Avocados contain a healthy amount of natural fats and are high in calories. One medium sized avocado contains nearly 400 calories. They are considered as a great source of potassium, folate, and vitamin E. However, if you can’t munch on a whole avocado you can add it to your smoothies or salads.



Figs are known for their high-calorie content. They are one of the healthiest fruits to consume if you want to increase your weight in a natural way. Add it to your salads or smoothies. Include it in your regular diet routine and reap the best out of it.



Olives contain a good amount of monounsaturated fats and hence, it is considered as a calorie-dense fruit. Two large dark olives contain one gram of fat and 10 calories. However, they are high in sodium. So, include it in your weight-enhancing fruit salad for an added benefit.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Grapes are yet another weight-enhancing fruits which serve around 105 calories per cup. Drink a glass of fresh grape juice regularly if you want to increase your weight in a healthy way. You can even add grapes to your weight-improving fruit salad.



Ripe jackfruit is a tropical fruit that helps in improving your weight easily. It is high in calories. A 100gm serving of jackfruit provides nearly 95cal. Include this sweet-fleshed fruit in your regular diet routine for best results. This delicious fruit, when consumed regularly, can help in enhancing your weight in a healthy and natural way.


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